Advice for Clash of Titans

In my opinion the bracketed tournaments kinda suck. Therefore I aim to get tournament creatures through clash of titans. I am currently only level 41 but I would like some second hand advice before hand. If anybody has really useful advice then I would be grateful.

When you get a stronger park, the problems you have now won’t be the same as later.

Bracketed tournaments actually end up being easier when you have stronger Dino’s because you always get 40points a win, once in the top two leagues.


The problem is that I don’t have the resources to make my creatures stronger because of a mission to have 15 lvl 40s. I’m gonna be drained when I’m done

Don’t stress about the Story Missions. Do them if you want, but don’t let them detract or distract you from your actual goals.

Edit: To my mind getting to where you can unlock creatures through Clash of Titans and then tournaments would strongly trump Story Missions.