Advice for Clearing My Market?

Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m building quite the backlog of tournament creatures in my market. I’m only level 66 as of posting this, but I’ve been able to get into the flow of unlocking tournament creatures from getting into dominator league. As of the moment, I’ve unlocked Pteranodon Gen 2 and Urtinotherium, and will likely be getting Suchodus from the current tourney. If I were to count Deinonychus as my 4th, I’d say that I’m slowly but surely building my roster of tournament creatures. Although I’m unable to make any fusions of my unlocks yet, I still have a good handful of tournament creatures from prize drop rewards. The first that I’ll more than likely be able to build would be Pteraquetzal given Quetzalcoatlus is an event unlock, though of course that’s only the beginning.

That all said, after rummaging through some posts from a while ago, I have a general idea of how to begin clearing out my market, but I wanted to ask here first to make sure I’m not going to be blowing all my DBs inefficiently. I have VIP, so I have access to the Tuesday 20% hatchery discount and the Sunday 15% hatchery discount. From what I’ve read so far, I assume that:

  • I should have my free hatchery slot should be reserved for my Commons/Rares/Super Rares/Non-Tourney Hybrids so long as I have any to hatch.
  • I should always have my other three slots running with Legendaries/Legendary Hybrids/Superhybrids/Tournament creatures.
  • If I’m going to be spending DB to speed up, do it on Tuesdays (and Sundays possibly)
  • I should prioritize “new” creatures for the sake of my badges.
  • If I have the creature unlocked, I shouldn’t be afraid to trade them for DB/LP at the trade harbor.

Of course, this is only what I’ve been able to piece together from what I’ve read so far. As of the moment I have 76 creatures in my market, though I would like to clear it out as much as possible so that I can map my team comp more clearly moving forward. Is this a good plan and is there anything I could do to make it better? Is there a specific time range/cost I should be using my DB on when speeding up hatching?


I yhink maybe you do the first slot as you said and try as much legendarys as you can in the rest of the slots

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That’s a great plan. Make sure you are utilizing those VIP instant hatches. That said, I typically speed hatch non-6-day superhydrids during the Hatchery Discounts


Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have the instant hatchery yet since I only just got VIP a month ago, but I’ll be sure to do that when I get it. I think what I’m planning to do right now is clear as many of my regular legendary-and-below creatures as I can, and then focus on filling my three extra slots with tourney creatures. I’m still deciding if it’s worth speeding anything up that isn’t 7 days, given that they’re relatively pretty fast and I hear that the value isn’t as worth it the closer to those final hours.

I agree with @Andy_wan_kenobi speed hatch your non-6 day super hybrids in the first slot too. These are your rare super hybrids. The super rare super hybrids take around 3 days i believe. Indos will be your 6 day super hybrids.


So speed up my rare and super rare hybrids in the first slot, and leave anything above 6 days for the extra slots. Got it! What about regular hybrids and the legendaries/tournaments? Are any of those worth speeding up?

Similar rules apply. I would place Common, Rare, and Super-Rare Hybrids in slot one. Anything Legendary (other than VIPs) goes in the other three slots. The sole exception would be when and if you unlock Gigankylocephalus. It’s a Super-Rare Superhydrid with a 7 day hatch-time. So, it goes in one of the last three slots.


Alright, so to clarify it altogether:

  • Anything Common through Super Rare and VIP including their hybrids/superhybrids with the exception of Gigankylocephalus goes in the first slot.
  • Anything Legendary/6 days or longer goes in the extra slots.
  • I should spend my DB speeding up anything with a hatching time of less than 6 days, which would be anything in the first slot and the basic legendary creatures during the hatchery discounts.

Apologies if this is getting repetitive, I just want to make sure that I’m understanding this all correctly. Thanks for the help too, I’m looking forward to maintaining a relatively clear market with this advice!

I am not sure how many dinosaurs you have, but I found this post by @Sionsith very helpful. It is real sound advice:


Spend the Dinobucks, if you have them, hatching the 6 and 7 day creatures during the discounts as well. Otherwise, great plan


Sounds like I have a solid strategy to follow going forward now. Thanks everyone!


You can get rid of up to 6 creatures a day using custom trades and get 300 DB in the process (50 each) which then can be used toward hatching.

My idea hasn’t been popular here, but the most expensive time to speed up a hatch is the last few hours. DB per hour, the 7 day Dino’s are the cheapest to buy out on speed up.

Commons and rares in the first slot. Legendary in the last 3. Super rares fit in where there is the best space.


It’s true, you spend ~10 DBs/hr for longer hatches vs >20 for shorter ones

I’m not VIP so no instant hatch for me. I prefer to speed hatch when 4 days are left (1000 DBs) because that gives me some Time to build up More DBs.

There is also a discount on Saturday for VIP’s for speed hatching (only 10% but it is a discount). All of the advise posted above is good. Find a rhythm that works for you and your game but don’t be afraid to sell off legendaries in the market, especially if you have it unlocked.

Once your market is clear you can start to produce DB and other resources at a faster pace.


I support @Timmah. When speeding up 7 days dinos, I put them in the first chamber and pay from the beginning (7 days left), as I feel it’s most value for DBs. I only speed up at the hatching discount at Tuesdays, as I’m non-VIP.

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Even though it’s the best time to speed 7 day dinos when looking at cost per hour, there’s no reason to if you don’t have other 7 day dinos to hatch or other dinos that you want to hatch. Then your hatcheries sit empty. I also don’t like spending that many DBs at one time unless it’s a special discount day.

I don’t feel the need to hatch all my regular legendaries and pay several times a week to put them in my hatcheries. I usually will put a 7 day dino in on Thursday and hatch them on Tuesday during discount. Then put in dinos that will hatch in about 2 days so I can put my 7 day dinos again on Thursday to start the process all over.

Again though, as a VIP this is the routine that works for me.


Overall yes, but a few things to Clarify:

I recommend only doing Tourney dinos and Tourney Hybrids, since they all have 7 day hatch times. Of course this applies to all 7 day hatching dinos like both Indoms, both Indos, etc.

Reason is, you spend less DB if the hatch times on the 2nd thru 4th chamber if all 3 are hatching dinos with equal hatch times. Lets say your hatching a T-rex (2 day 18 hatch time) in your second chamber and 2 tourneys in your last 2. Once T-rex is done you’ll have to spend 50 DB on putting another dino in a hatching chamber. Plus, you’ll now have different dinos ending on different days, meaning you might be spending 50 DB per creature vs hatching 3 of the same 7-day hatch time and subsequently spending less DB over a greater time.

A small nitpick, but it’s what I do and the saved DB goes a long way.

Tournament dinos and hybrids should be your priority anyways, since they take you further in tournaments than base-rarity dinos do. Just hatch the ones you want casually in the free chamber.

Yes/no. By trading them in you are tossing a chunk of DNA at other resources. If it’s a spare copy then yea I would trade it in for either DB/LP or even DNA if I don’t want to hatch and sell it.

But if it’s for a copy you need, even in the future, don’t sell it especially not for DNA. The DNA offered for them is always less than half their buy price, which is a rip off as you’d get more DNA for selling it after you hatch it. If you trade it in for DNA only to want/need to buy and hatch another copy down the road, you are throwing away a huge chunk of DNA.

Last thing, since you are VIP use the instant hatchery (once you get it and start unlocking uses for it, up to 4 uses per week) only for dinos with 7-day hatch times.

Basically at the rate I hatch all of mine, In 1 week I can get 7/8 dinos hatched for a L40.

I do it every other week. One week I will use all instant hatches and the last 3 hatching chambers on 1 dino, then the next week I will hatch any dinos won from tournaments or bought, on top of the last copy needed for the L40 fusion.

That’s how I get any new/locked tourney dino to L40 so quickly, in case they have a hybrid. If they do get used for a hybrid, then I don’t focus on getting another L40 copy, I usually just win copies from the raffle and tournaments that I already have them unlocked for, just winning the pack for the resources + 1 copy.



I see why your plan works, I’d just think that you really aren’t saving DB by only speeding up dinos with longer hatch times. For the last 3 chambers it’s like what, 70 DB to fill them all up. The more you do that the greater the cost is, so I would think you are just saving DB on the speeding up process, not the total DBs spent on hatching.

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