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Advice for loyalty points?

So I have 60k loyalty points and my VIP trial is ending soon. What packs should I buy. Keep in mind I’ll never get the change to buy VIP packs like the 35k one ever again. I already finish all tournament and events pretty/very easily most of the time. Thoughts and advice?

If you want a guaranteed Jurassic herbivore… Stygimoloch is in rotation right now, you can get yourself a pack. Since this is anyway your only VIP spree, you can go for it. But if your LPs would be taking severe hits, then you can go for a 35K pack.

Get only the 10K VIP packs. You’ll get 1100LP back instead of 650LP (double).

The 35K pack is only relevant if you needed 50K dinos to complete a badge. The value of 1 that might complete 1 or 2 badges vs 3 more 10K VIPs isn’t worth it.

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It’s 1300 back I believe and yes, I this is obviously the best value. Edit: I don’t care/use badge beacon right now. It’s in my shop since I alternate Dino’s in and out of coin traps to get best value. Might be relevant but I don’t think too much about badges. I do have a pretty good badge beacon already that covers most of the island.

Than buy all of the 10K packs that you can.

Let us know what you get.

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Still waiting a bit more I case if I can get a beloved procertatosaurus for 11k LP. Will let you guys know what I get when I buy them :smile:

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This is what I got from 5 packs so far. I also got a Hyenadon. I really wanted atleast 1 apatosaurus :sauropod:


Only the 10ks. 50ks aren’t any better in terms of stats. Enjoy the x2 LP while you can so I suggest you buy as many Solid Golds as you can.


Ahh…yes. I wouldn’t complain about an Apato every pack.