Advice for my team?

So I’ve built myself a pretty impressive team for a guy who’s only been playing for a couple months, but I was wondering if any more experienced players have any advice for how I could improve it? I think in terms of balance, it’s pretty good. The only one I’m constantly debating about is Suchotator. I really like it for its versatility and Lethal Wound, but I wonder if I should eventually replace it with Tryostronix.

It is a very balanced team and it is exceptional that you have done it in 2 months. It is not very inferior to mine and I play since June. You only need the Monomimus that is very important in the game. Regarding the suchotator I can not advise you, I have never used it.

Honestly, I think Suchotator is the game’s equivalent of Digimon’s Angemon. He can easily go toe-to-toe with creatures even two rarity-tiers higher than it.

You gotta show your bench so we can decide if a replacement is warranted

Sorry, I thought that I had.

As much as I hate to recommend it but your stegodeus needs leveling. An over leveled stego gets you trophies. Ditto trago.

Too RNGy, remove the Indo-duo to reballance the skill aspect from sheer luck :wink:

Well, as of now my Tragodistis, Stegodeus are both level 22 and Stegoceratops level 21.

Personnaly would have either stego or mono stego not both

Level stego up more. A lvl 24/25 can take out at least 1.5 dinos against low leveled dinos. The ingredients are easily obtained (except for the coins).

Unfortunately I don’t really have anything powerful enough to replace them yet. Once I finally manage to get Megalosuchus levelled up I might swap one of them for it, but as it currently stands, I don’t have anything I can replace them with that wouldn’t leave me weaker overall.

i think you might end up short on damage i would suggest a second raptorial (pyrritator,spinutahsuchus, utahsino etc) or death ostrich in place of a tank

Hmmmm yh i like the looks of the baryonx hybrid i am going to get to work on that soon and when i do get him he going straight in i hate going up against him so i can imagine them when i pull one out

Tryo is one of those legendaries that really needs leveled up some before hes effective and he needsnto be used effectively… hes not a dino you want to lead with but one you finish an almost dead dino similar to gorgosuchus.

That said id try swapping indom for tryo… if you plan on leveling indo hes gonna fall off your team eventually anyway as his dna will be used to level indo. I would keep suchatator on your team as you only have one other nullifier.

I’ve been wondering if I should drop Tragodistis actually. The only real good things about it are its armor and speed, but its attack and health are absolutely pathetic compared to a lot of other tanks.

The pity is that with the DNA spent to make Nodopatotitan and Gigaspikasour you could have one more level of Stegodeus (looking for stegoceratops that are everywhere) and of Tragodistis … and with those two extra levels your team would be much stronger. but hey, maybe they were useful at some point. I have not created either of them.

Yeah, it was almost entirely for the sake of having them in my collection, not because I thought I would actually use them.

Yes, sometimes I think about creating these creatures because of having them but it is a waste of DNA and coins that I think I can not afford.