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Advice for returning player

Hey all, I’m new to the forum and I used to play this game years ago and only recently returned to see a LOT has changed. I’m trying to look into best ways to organise my park, trying to save my DNA as I recall how hard it used to be to generate as a free user and trying to level up as fast as I can to unlock more.

What I’m asking for is if anyone can give any general advice for a returning player? In terms of my park layout (i’ll post pictures below) as I know I’ll be unlocking the John Hammond memorial next level, fastest way to level up now, is it worth spending DNA on some Cenozoic or Aquatic dino’s to compete in more of the challenges, is it worth focusing on an Indominous Rex (currently can’t bring myself to lose my Level 40 T-rex as it’s my hardest hitter) and anything else I should perhaps focus on? I obviously have a lot of coins from playing before but didn’t know if they are worth much now anyway.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

What is your park level and your best dinosaurs?

Okay,park level 53. Use Land expansions to gain quick XP,purchase Apatosaurus fossils and store them,they give excellent trade harbour trades.

Welcome to the forums!

Can we see your line-up so we can see what you can make and use to further your depth? (and to see if your ferocity is unbalanced)

I will also recommend you reading some forums like The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :) and some about coin generation.

A lot HAS changed to the game.

From your screenshots, I can tell you’re probably not getting a lot of coins from your park. Sell those useless decorations when you unlock John Hammond and place it where it gets the maximum boost (affects the most dinosaurs). Common hybrids such as Alangasaurus and Labyrinthosaurus produce a lot of coins for beginners but you have to collect from them every 30 min. A coin trap would probably also be very useful for you. A “coin trap” is what it sounds like, a trap for coins. Place all your decorations in one place to give it the highest boost for a creature, and you can move dinosaurs in and out of it to get extra coins. I suggest only do it your highest coin producing dinosaurs as it could be a very tiring process.

Like @DaWise_Weirdo said, the trade harbor is a very important structure (whatever you want to call it) in the game because of the ability to trade excess resources and gain the ones you need. Apatosaurus Fossils give the most value as a decoration (besides VIP buildings and boss statues) and it only costs you coins. Buying some and storing it in your market (yes, you can do that now) will offer you some trades for it. It usually fetches for ~450 DB, around the same amount of DNA, 1.8 million coins (a profit in coins if you have problems farming) and 1 million food. Try to keep your market clear and have only AFs in it to maximize the chances of getting a fossil trade. Yes…boosters don’t exist now and they’re replaced by MODs. They have 0 trade harbor value so try to not have any MODs in your market.

Also, the exit out glitch no longer works anymore. Having a balanced lineup is very important now. If you REALLY have to, sell your T rex. It’ll make PvE much easier. A better option is to fuse it into an Indominus Rex and leave it at level one. Remember, PvE is based on your top 3 dinosaurs so keeping your lineup around the same ferocity will make it easier to do without buying back your creatures.

There’s also another Island, Isla Sorna, unlocked at level 35. If you’re out of space you can put things there…

Definitely not all the changes made to the game but that’s all the big updates I can think of right now.


I would suggest either selling the T-Rex and Velociraptor or fusing them and keeping the Indominus at lvl 1 because those are the ONLY very heavy hitters I see so your line-up must be very unbalanced.


Don’t fuse them.

The common rule is don’t fuse two dinos for a hybrid if you can’t make another right away as the L10 hybrid is weaker than the L40 to make it. Giving up two dinos to keep the hybrid at L1 is worse. (Unless it is planned to fit into your ferocity range for a deeper bench.)

As for Aqautics and Ceno, you’ll want one of each for the daily events.

They both are rather expensive DNA wise. I’d hatch enough to complete the PvE in a day. It may take a few battles over the day (vs enough for one sitting), but that is ok.

Most of the game is still Jurassic. Focus on Jurassic until they can finish in Dominator. After that, you can focus on Ceno/Fish.

Yep, DNA is still the most important hard to get resource. Coins->Dinos custom trade in the trade harbor is like a DNA printing press. You just don’t get to choose what you’re exactly getting. Build up your coin production so you can do this every day.

After that, Modded PvP yields SDNA for super hybrids and a pretty good chance for a dino (Jurassic) too. But, that also requires coins for mods and DB to play.

Good luck!


@Predator_X @No1_ishere @DaWise_Weirdo @Timmah
Wow, thank you all for the detailed replies! Not sure what to do about fusing Dinos so here’s my lineup to get some further advice if it would help? I hadn’t looked into ferocity at all so no clue about that.

In terms of decorations to sell when I unlock John Hammond, do you mean sell EVERYTHING that I use now to boost coins? Not worth storing or better to have extra money? What about some of the useless buildings as well - as my Isla Sorna has a bunch of the low coin ones on there to get out the way.

Good to know more about the trade harbour, I’ll look at buying those fossils and keep an eye on good deals with them. As for the Ceno’s, I can never finish the full daily mission because I need 1 of each type so I didn’t know whether to use my DNA for them so I can at least get that pack every day or is it not worth the DNA?

Finding some of these main missions a chore when it comes to wanting to level up my overall level, hoping they get a little easier at least as it seems to be the only way to get big XP dumps since I’ve unlocked all of the park I can with coins.

Is it also worth saving on the JW points? I noticed the only pack worthwhile that’s low points is the solid gold pack at 10,000 but didn’t know if it’s worth saving them for bigger ones.

Thanks again all!

I’m gonna quote Sionsith on this one.

“Ferocity is a scale that Ludia has put in place that determines a creatures strength in battle against another creature.”
This is important because the vast majority of PVE events are based on the ferocity of your top 3 creatures. The formula for ferocity is Health + 3.2 x Attack.

Currently what I’m seeing is that your T-Rex is WAY OVER ROOF on ferocity and overall your line-up pretty balanced.

Also I will suggest saving up your points and buying a lot of Solid Gold Packs as the creatures in the pack are very useful for tournaments.


Hey @Wilson! Welcome to the forum. I would suggest some more level 20 Legendaries and level 30 Super-Rares. And yes, I would also strongly recommend to make that Indominus and keep it at level 1 because the only other way is selling the Rex and Raptor which I’m not sure you’d like to do…


How are your PvE events? Are they too hard?

You have a L40 T-Rex way ahead of the rest. PvE is determined by your top 3 dinos. You want to keep the top/strongest ones grouped together.

If they are too hard, you can fuse the T-Rex and keep the I-Rex at L1 to lower your top 3 average.

But, having only one way out there may be manageable.


Your lineup is actually pretty balanced, just fuse the T rex and Velociraptor into an I rex, leave it at level 1, and you shouldn’t have too much problems with PvE.

Well, really depends on you. I guess you could keep it, but when you unlock Park Oasis these decorations should slowly be replaced.

Here’s a pretty useful spreadsheet that tells you about dino stats, ferocity, upcoming missions and other things. Some are missing, but should find them by searching it up on the forum (Andy? Maybe copy paste it here?).


Here’s some help if you’re interested in Story Missions

Got the formula backwards it’s health + 3.2xAttack. Welcome to the forums @Wilson. There are lots of threads that you can spend hours reading on here lots of information to take in. We have tried to do our best to uncover the mechanics of the game and so by reading, understanding, and implementing some of the strategies it might set your game up for optimal performance (in our eyes). This game can be played in so many different ways that there is no wrong or right way to play, just your way needs to work for what you want to do in the game. A lot has changed since you played last that folks have laid out above, welcome back to the game and I hope you find value in the forums as you progress through developing your game.

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Aw, dang it. At least it was close. :sweat:
I’m gonna edit it really quick.

As you were asking regarding is it worth saving 10,000 JW Points to purchase a Solid Gold Pack,in every way , yes. @Wilson , the creatures in those packs are called VIP creatures. They are very good creatures,they have a very short cooldown to use again,and a level 10 VIP creature=Level 30 Legendary ( a bit stronger than a level 30 legendary)

@DaWise_Weirdo do not forget to mention the entire topic. The Solid Gold pack can have options of Aquatic and Cenozoic choices too. @Wilson if you would be okay with any creature, go for it with 10K Loyalty Points.

If you want a sure-shot Jurassic/Aquatic/Cenozoic, I would strongly advise you to save up 20K+ points, since the Solid Gold creatures are rotated weekly in their own packs. For twice the value of a Solid Gold Pack, you get a guaranteed creature along with extra resources (100 bucks in Solid Gold, 500 bucks in the 20K pack).

Here, of course, you need to be patient if you want a sure-shot. Otherwise, you can go for the Solid Gold pack.

Note that the VIP-Only creatures (as in Solid Gold+ and those in 50K packs) have the similar ferocities of the regular Solid Golds, so do not fret incase you come across SG+ creatures in battles.

20k packs? I guess it is too early,by what I can see,he is asking if they are worth it,which means he has never tried them himself,I would advice him to try at least 10 packs before trying to save 20k, I got my Prestosuchus on my 10th Solid Gold pack

@DaWise_Weirdo let him decide this.