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Advice for returning player

I wouldn’t immediately sell them. Rather, sell them as they can be replaced. Start with the Amber Statues. @Sionsith has an excellent video series on his YouTube channel and regularly posts links to his latest videos.

From where exactly does this even become a matter? The question is not regarding him deciding or not,many a time you make the wrong decision and may never come to know it was wrong, i am certain that he should at least try give it a shot,any conclusion without trial is stupid. He needs to try them at least a few times.

Replace the amber pedestals slowly one by one, first start using park oasis,and then move to hammonds.

I’m sorry, what’s the “wrong desicion” here? I am not forcing him to do anything, just giving my suggestion. I particularly mentioned that if he wants to go for the 10K packs, he can, but if he wants a sure-shot, he can go for 20K packs.

“Wrong decision” is the decision to go ahead and try the 20k packs when he has not yet tried the solid gold packs,it is not wrong to let him decide,but when he is asking for advice,I think we can give recommendations based on our experience first.

Okay you’re right. But, my experience says “Thylacosmilus first, Tylosaurus second, Eolambia third, another Tylosaurus fourth”. But then again, it’s his verdict at the end of the day.

As much as many of us want a bunch of Jurassic VIPs, Ceno and Aquatic VIPs are helpful too.

Eventually you’ll need them for a Boss or a tournament.

A couple of notable Jurassic dinos were first released in Ceno or Aquatic tournaments.

The last non-Jurassic tournament was the end of April. We’re a bit over due for one.

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Piggybacking off this, I won a Cenozoic tournament about two months before I was able to get a Dominator finish in a Jurassic tournament. While you should definitely focus on Jurassic, I would definitely advise against ignoring Cenozoic and Aquatic creatures

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What level Cenos do you recommend for finishing in Dominator for a Ceno tournament?

Since we haven’t had a Cenozoic tournament since the scrambling of the Cenozoics, that would be an excellent question.

In my first win, I remember riding my level 10 Thylacosmilus very hard. The Gillicus and Tupuxura tournaments in the Spring of 2019 seemed to require creatures on par with a Jurassic tournament, but we needed fewer wins/day.

Wins could be hard to get. There’s nothing like assembling a team of level 20 VIPs only to be thrown against a level 10+ Mammotherium (pre-nerf)

Thank you Ludia, @Daven please pass on the thanks of getting the forums to properly display linking in the forums, I just noticed this earlier today!!!


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Thanks all again for the tips! I have taken your advice and made an I Rex as I’ll get another T-rex from my next PVE story battle as soon as I level up. I’ll sell some of the smaller decorations that boost coins when I unlock John Hammond next level too. Working on those story missions to level up quicker but going through that list, the next couple I have are complete chores (collecting 1,500,000 coins from buildings…). I bought a bunch of AP fossils to trade as well as I want more JW points to get that solid gold pack as well. Just hoping to get more ceno dino’s so I can complete the daily mission pack as well.


@Wilson what level have you kept your I-Rex at?

@Jurassic_Fury I kept it at Level 1 as per everyone’s advice.

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Good! Only raise your ferocity if you can afford to have the same ferocity raise of your top 10 or top 15 in a short time.

No problem, @Sionsith! I’ll pass on the message. Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Jurassic_Fury @anon43877113 @Sionsith @No1_ishere @Predator_X @Andy_wan_kenobi @Timmah

I have now levelled up and bought my first John Hammond statue but really unsure on the best layout for coin generation. Can anyone recommend a good layout and how many John Hammonds to buy please - maybe show me theirs as an example?

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Not really amazing at producing coins,but does just fine for me.

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I think others who have much higher coin production rates will be able to give rather better answers. I suggest to hatch as many dinos as you can,something I never did

I also use clock towers and oasis @anon43877113