Advice for team

There you see my current team. As listed below, I plan to switch out my indo due to senseless evade and replace him with either Magna or erlikospyx as soon as they manage to not get oneshoted by DC.
I would really like to have both on my team in future, but I don’t know which other creature to switch. As you can see I don’t have problems with DC atm and I don’t plan to replace my stegod with some 3500 hp unique.
Maybe switch out DC, but as everyone knows it can be a game changer.
So 2 questions: which one to replace indo soon, and which one to replace later?

Not gonna help someone who doesn’t take DC out :wink:

Both are great dinos.
I tend to favor Magna but it’s a personal taste.
Either one should be soon.
Later? Too much can change in the future to make that call.