Advice hit a wall at lvl8 how to get passed

My team.

My fighter lvl6 ranger lvl6 warlock lvl5

Barbs been doing well for me though been part of my main 4 so better equipment though I have noticed the HP back spear proc’s about 1/4 of the time compared to the wound spear with the exact same proc chance.

I can do the Sharpstone Keep all 3 boss battles, Frostsilver by room 8 coin flip if half the team gets by and last boss lmao maybe scratch him and that’s with a crit, no point in the other as probably make it to 1 boss.

Explore I am stuck at Harvestsheild stage two right before the (looks like a ghoul) boss coin flip if half the team makes it to room 3 just can’t seem to heal or out dps my way though it.

In theory I should be able to park my barb in front cleric heals him, amulet he has on heals him, spear heals him 1/2 the time but doesn’t work out that way for normal monster but boss it does.

Wondering if it’s my team set up? Should I switch some people out? People say fighter is better then barb but fighters is 2 levels off and gear not as good but when comparing skills just liked barb better and for what little stat difference seem to do I didn’t see it unless fighter comes with a just hidden damage reduction.

Thought about swapping out two or three characters and trying to run like Sharpstone to level the others but that would drain gold, doing the same spot in explore nets me 16XP per run with my current group not sure they would get that far switching one out for a lower level character and at 16XP looking at probably running it 500+ times to lvl.

Should I try to farm Sharpstone for specific gear? Suggestions on skills for mage ? (Curently using the 3 random shots for my boss single target killer and push over darkness or hold monster.

I think around this point I used the wizard, dragonborn, cleric, and fighter. I used the taunt & regenerate ability, along with counterattack. Then I’d heal him with the cleric’s one person no cooldown ability. But your fighter and dragonborn being 2 levels lower is going to impact your ability to progress.

Thanks, I beat it but it’s odd my guys just started taking less damage and doing more, I didn’t level them up or get a bunch of items leveled either odd.
My over all renown is the only thing that leveled up other then my 3 other back up guys.

If you made it to level 8, you’re a god!!! I can’t even get past level 4! I can’t make enough exp to get to the next level, I can’t make enough gold to level up my gear, this game is so frustrating and not worth the time!

I messed up in the beginning when I got the game their was a deal for 1K gems and 10K gold for like $10 I ended up getting that back to back in like a few hours plus I got VIP.

Game looked fun ( D&D fan) so was like why not.

What it ended up doing was not letting me see the problems or walls till now, I also got lucky with like 3x gold, 2x XP and items in challenge mode starting out so got to grind.

Even with all that within a day I went through more then 20K gold and a little over 1K gems and ended up needing to get another 10K in gold using 500 gems to level my guys to were they are.

I don’t do mobile games much at all but if one entertains me from the start I usually like get a couple of the little deals, I think of it like ok drop a $20 like going to a movie but getting more hours out of it.

I have seen and played some trash cash grab games before and honestly I didn’t think it was possible to make Gary want to spin in his grave more watching what perfect world turned his IP into with Neverwinter Knights till this game here.

I like the game but this isn’t P2W or P2A its P2play.

I did find a way to grind but its beyond mind numbing.

#1 you need to find a place in explore that has 3 or 4 rooms ( not sure if they have bagger as that’s all I have seen up to were I am at.)

#2 make sure its before were you can’t get by the first room need to judge how hard it’s getting before first room wipe.

#3 you then just get to the last room and purposely die to rest the dungeon netting you a little gold and XP and hopefully a couple hidden rooms along the way it sucks but it’s a constant flow like pennies in a piggy bank.

At like levels 5 through probably 8 your looking at needing to do this several hundred times to level can easily see close to 10 needing a thousand or more times.

Now you can try to do challange instead but the problem their is your not always going to get gold to sustain yourself doing this while 15xp and 10 gold roughly were I an at is a absolute joke it’s still guaranteed rather then pay 50 and hope you roll enough to go again but even then your putting that 50 gold back to roll again and eventually your going to lose it sooner then later.

I would mix it up like 20 explore runs then 1 challenge in 20 runs you should probably get a hidden room if lucky.

This is the only think I came up with to grind your way through though if this is what it takes to push through this game other then doing it out of spite or for hates sake, most would quit far before doing one level of this.

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