Advice -- I'm in the midgame

I’m a VIP level 61, have been playing for a month or two now, my best dinos are a pair of I-rexes at level 20 and a level 20 Mastodonasaurus. My cenos and acquatics are pretty weak, but the game has given me weak opponents in those arenas. Pretty close to being able to make my 1st superhybrid (the stegoceratops one), if I choose to go that route. I do the daily objectives every day, do every event available, and usually get predator league. Resources currently at 16M coins, 10M food, 5k DNA, 2k bucks, 7k loyalty points. Have more free dinos waiting to hatch than I know what to do with.

What should be my next steps? I was planning to rush up to an Indoraptor, but apparently that somehow makes the game much harder? Should I be buying the 10 tickets with my loyalty points every day or saving up for the 20k VIP exclusive packs? Let me know what my next steps should be, I feel like I’m at the point where I should actually learn the game instead of just going with my gut – for example, can someone explain how the game decides how powerful your PvE enemies will be?

To answer your question directly, most PvE battles are based on your top ferocity. Even if the PvE is only specific for one class, it will most of times use your dino with most ferocity as the standard. Thats why you should never just focus on having one really op dino ( really high ferocity) and then the second, third and so on dinos are much weaker (ferocity much lower). If you do that you will end up getting PvE based on your highest ferocity dino. There are some events that are not always like that but most of the times, specially events with “decent prizes” are based on that.
About the LP, as a VIP, one of the advantages is using the daily vip tickets. You will always win a tournament creature and a vip. And you might even win another vip or tournament creature if you are lucky with the prizes (normally you will one creature extra or even more). You will have to spend like 11-12k LP every week to get those two creatures but I think its a good investment which many people here do if not all VIP’s, even lower lvl like me. Of course you dont choose the creature and you might get the same one every time or you might never get the only one you are missing but at your point in game, unless you have 4 of each vip or tournaments creatures, i would definetely do it. You will still be able to open one 10k LP pack every week I think. If you get to dominator every week, i am sure you get one vip and one tournament creature just by using the daily tickets and another vip from the 10K pack.
You dont always get to predator or dominator? I think predator cant be that difficult for you.

You should read some of the forum topics, they will help you alot. There are tutorials by @Sionsith that explain many things, there is a document with all informations made by @Mary_Jo. Search for them and have a look at other topics to find useful information that I am sure you that will help you alot.

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@sionsith’s ferocity post has all you’ll need to know about how PvE difficulty gets determined.

We have another active thread giving tips for newer players that touches on some of the other questions.

Ultimately you set your own goals in the game, it’s somewhat personal for everyone. Some are collectors that want to get their hybrids made and collect all the badges. Others want to have strong battle teams and tournament wins. Some love park building. It’s all up to you. I personally wouldn’t rush up to the Indoraptor (there’s other threads on that one),my suggestion is as a VIP to work on things that get you more LP points like PvPs (use all your daily free ad watches to not spend DBs) and use those on 10K packs (much better value at your stage than 20K packs). Lvl 20 VIPs are great for tournaments, so work on getting a nice lineup of those as well as hybrids at comparable levels. The s-hybrids are great too, you can do modded PvPs and Code 19s to get to new ones sooner. And yes, the lottery is a nice value for VIPs to play, as long as you do play everyday and don’t miss any ticket purchases!


Thanks so much! One last question – what is the best way to get multiple VIPs so I can get them to level 20? I have mostly lvl 10s right now, and they never seem to come with the card that puts them in the market after you get them for the first time – is there a reliable way to “permanently” get high-level cards, or do you just have to hope for the best?

VIPs are not available to unlock, so you have to just keep acquiring them from the packs, VIP tournaments, and lottery prizes. It just takes time to start getting duplicates, and while using the 10K packs with their random chance will result in getting a lot of some, and not so many of others, since you get other resources in it, as well as a bunch of points back, it’s by far the best value for new players in particular. I personally have been playing for a year and still don’t pay for 20K or 50K packs… I mainly use the trade harbor to pick up the specific VIPs I want to get (just takes a lot of patience but they all rotate through), but will still do 10K packs from time to time as well as whatever the lottery gives me.


If you can’t find the info on the lottery elsewhere on this forum, here’s what you need to do to get to the final VIP prize. Get all available tickets in the 1st and 4th spots (make sure to use the option to purchase 10 tickets for the discounted price on the latter!) and then only do the 2nd spot tickets on the days where they only cost DNA instead of DBs. Get all 20 tickets the first day (I believe it’s Wednesday) and then 3 tickets on the next day. You can do it the other way around or whatever combination you want to get to 23 tickets, but the first day has better prizes so that’s the best time to get all 20. On Sunday morning after buying your final tickets, it will look like you are JUST short, but later in the day it will tip over and the prize wheel will come up.


I would focus on getting more of the creatures with the same strength, instead of getting more stronger ones. The ones u have are powerfull enough to end in dominator, you simply need more of them. Getting stronger ones, makes your battles only harder, with a small set of creautures that can handle them. the 10k VIP packs are great indeed for getting multiple vip’s eventually

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There is a video in this thread that walks through the cheapest way as a VIP to get the diamond prize at the end of the week:

Always keep 11K LP around. The trade harbor has VIP dinos from time to time. I got two duplicates this way.

So, in the future, only buy 10K or 20K packs if you have 21K or 31K LPs.

The trade harbor also has them for 11K DB from time to time, but I don’t have those kind of DB laying around, ever.


Lol. I have like 30k DB and virtually no idea what to do with it at the moment. Gonna just stockpile up to 100k maybe.

Thanks so much to Timmah – I just snagged a VIP because I kept an extra 11K LP lying around, which I wouldn’t have if not for this post. And to be clear, the 10K LP packs are the ones I should buy instead of the 20K packs that guarantee one creature or the 50K packs, right?

Unless you really want a specific creature, the 10k gives better bang for the buck. In the long run, the creature selection more or less balances out

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I would like to solicit some mid game advice too please. I just watched all of the videos from @Sionsith . Those were awesome and I learned a lot. Thank you. I am level 54.

  1. On the trader harbor. I have been only holding one apatosaurus (no other buildings/decorations) fossil for her normal trades. (I buy 3 for the 3 customs and trade them for LP). On the normal trades most of the time she gives me about 500K over the cost of the fossil which is a nice gain. I then buy another and wait for her next trade.

Should I have more fossils in inventory for these non custom trades or does having more not matter. Could it be possible for her to request a bunch or maybe two trades at a time for them?

Lastly, should I be doing refreshes this early in the game for 50 DB or just chill? I fluctuate at like 10-20 mil coin. Daily.

  1. The gyrosphere for 250 bucks. Are they ever worth it? I completed the 75 bucks on for fun today but the 250 normal ones are really hard. I could not find any kind of write ups on these as to how to win them and if they are worth it.

3.Should I by buying the extra incubator for 100 bucks. I have been trying to evolve creatures that take forever. Is it worth it to do this? If so, once you pay the 100 db you get to keep the dino in it for as long as it take right?

thanks for your help and time.

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When I was around your level, I was holding the +1 extra Fossil decoration too and now I hold 50+ sometimes. I don’t see any increased chances of the trade happening.

I would do the extra 3 TH refreshes for 50 DBs, it costs 150 but you should make that back during the refreshes or hopefully the day. Just try to login every 3 hours.

I would try to hold any decorations that costs 400K or more to build since I find they bring in 250+ DBs or more. Just 1 of each should be good.

What I did when I didn’t have much coins was trade coins for food at about 2:1 and then trade back food for coins at anything that is 3:1 or higher.

Gyrosphere is not worth it for the 250 DBs. I have only gotten common hybrids the couple times I gambled.

At your level you probably don’t need the extra evolution chamber. I have never used an extra one and I am Level 83 now. Maybe someone who’s used one can let you know if it’s like the hatchery where the first chamber is always free, it might be worth it then.

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Thanks! so should I buy one decoration of each over 400K to hold?

Personally for me…
I almost never do the Gyrosphere unless it is a special event.

I have every incubation and hatching pod occupied at all times. For the incubators I try to put 4hr + fuses in the second chamber since it will stay there even when the first chamber cycles open.

TH refreshes are almost always worth it IMO. Keep multiple decorations on hand per my other post I just did.

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@Sionsith I did not see your other post. Where is it?

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holy cow i just refreshed 3 times at tade harbor and sold a hammond and a fossil for 395 DB each. NICE

It does depend a bit on what you currently have in your market. When I was keeping lots of buildings on hand to get through missions, for instance, it would have been silly to spend the DBs on the refreshes. Lots of creatures and/or mods as well can reduce the chances to the point that it’s kind of a toss-up. If a player does all 3 refreshes and doesn’t at least usually get at least one offer for the fossil, they might want to consider if they are worth doing or wait until they improve their chances. And no, I’ve not noticed that the number of something necessarily increases the chances that the TH will use it but it does often seem like it will pick the cheapest of a particular type. If you forget to immediately sell a cheap decoration you pick up, that’s the one you get an offer for right away.