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Advice needed, best way way to approach the lottery for non VIP players


Many people have alluded to the benefits of doing the lottery so i’ve started to do all of the free tickets this weeks refresh along with 20 DNA tickets. What can i expect to get at the end of the week considering i’m non VIP or should i buy the last but with bucks to get the next wheel etc??

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I am vip, are you able to buy tickets using the vip points?


There are two kinds of “VIP” dinos available to non-VIP players like myself.

There is a limited roster of VIP dinos available for purchase at 10,000 JW loyalty points. These dinos have the gold background with the faint hexes. Dinos like the Brontotherium, Orthacanthus, Mastadonsaurus, etc. Great dinos with a 6-hour hatch time and really fast cool-down. They are the only thing I use my JW points for.

There is a wider roster of VIP dinos that can be won through the weekly lottery (prize drop). For myself, I get all ten bronze tickets everyday (watch three videos and give seven of some currency), and then on Monday morning I pay 3,077 dinobucks to bump up to the Gold Fidelity prize (I play a lot of PvP to get dinobucks). These dinos have a slightly different background; it’s still gold, but it’s a little darker, and there are no hexes. These are dinos like Pachyrhinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Mosasaurus, Troodon, etc. These dinos typically can only be unlocked through either Clash of the Titans or the tournaments. Note that I said unlocked; you can win individual creatures through this weekly lottery. These are also excellent fighting dinos, but at a one-week hatch time, this VIP dino constantly fills one of my four hatchery incubators (by the time its one-week hatch time is up, it’s Monday again, and it’s time for me to win another Gold Fidelity prize drop dino).

Helpful distinction?

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Sadly not, i am only able to purchase tickets from the first three

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Same here. But you only need to buy the bronze tickets as long as you have 3,077 dinobucks at the end of the week (or every two weeks, or however often you want to buy the Gold Fidelity VIP dinos). Of course, you can always buy gold or silver tickets if you want with dino bucks or real money, depending on the day, but it’s not necessary.


Yes i was aware of the difference as i have received a baryonyx and a tylosaur within the last 2 weeks from solid gold back but have no tournament creatures. My dilemma is that i have just claimed the silver fidelity but doubt i will be able to get gold without dino bucks. I wish to know if paying the bucks will be worth it or should i stack up

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Personally, I don’t know, since I’m VIP.

What I do know is that with my VIP, I can get a tourney dino every Wednesday (on the Monday-Monday cycle of the prize bar). On Mondays, when it resets, I can get to the Rare and Super Rare thresholds off of the VIP tickets alone. However, it takes 2 days of VIP tickets to get from Super Rare to Tourney, which is quiet a jump.

With the first raffle, it takes a while to grind those tickets, as they only contribute to a very very small part of bar progression.

This is the best advice I can give:

  • Always do the free tickets/first option, all 10 of them, each day.
  • Don’t buy any of the dinobucks option, as they are VERY expensive and deplete your dbux very fast.
  • Always check in each day, and look to see if the dbux are replaced with DNA, much like they are today (I believe every Wednesday the 2nd raffle uses DNA)

I don’t know how far that will get you in terms of the progress bar, but at the end of each cycle, you should be prompted an option to spend dbux for the dino wheel you were about to get, in that case you should spend the dbux because it secures you the dino.

That should get you do the tourney dino wheel at the very least. If you go over, then you shold be promped to pay dbux for the VIP dino wheel, and in that case, do pay out. IMO the VIP dinos are far better than the tourney ones, but they are much harder to get for non-VIP players.

Hopefully this helps.

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Yes thanks for the advice, ill see where i am in 4 days to see whether ill buy my way in bucks as im sitting on 1800 atm

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Yes very useful my friend. After my labours studying for my upcoming exams i may purchase VIP and spend more time as atm i only play during an odd free hour here and there


My apologies, then, for telling you what you already knew. Maybe it’ll be helpful for other folks!

I’d say it’s 6 of one, half dozen of the other as to whether it’s worth spending the dinobucks. As I said, it eats up one of my hatchery incubators constantly, to the point where I now have a backup of over 60 legendaries to hatch. I could choose to spend those dinobucks instead on hatching some of the tournament/Clash of the Titans dinos I’ve unlocked (Zalmoxes, Acanthostega, Troodon) and leveling them up.

So it’s totally your preference and call. I’d say whatever you do, you should either be using your dinobucks to get gold fidelity packs, or you should be using your dinobucks to speed up hatching Tournament/Clash dinos you’ve unlocked (if I can assume the right to tell you what to do with your dinobucks). Would you rather get a broad swath of dinos? Then buy the gold fidelity packs. Would you rather level up the few dinos you have unlocked via tourneys/Clash? Then speed up hatching them.

Hope that’s a bit more helpful.



I am more than willing to buy up to the next tier of dino wheel, since I usually end up just before the VIP dino wheel.

But, I also save all my dbux outside of that.

I don’t speed up incubations/evolutions (even though I have 4 tourney dinos hatching rn lmao, but I also have almost every base-game dino at level 40). I don’t speed up dino fight CDs. And I constantly stalk the trade harbor for dbux and VIP points deals.

So far, it’s worked out. Being VIP doesn’t grand you extra dbux, unless you get it RNG in the VIP packs, and I’ve saved up a lot of dbux. I’m at 95,000, and I’ve been as high as 120,000 but I went on a spending spree when there was a card pack that offered tourney and VIP dinos from 2018.

It can be done, but you just gotta save save save. Cut out spending and you should be good.

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Yeah, I feel ya. I usually play every morning before my classes, and get everything done then. It’s a crapshoot if I jump on again later on in the day.

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Yes very much so. Apologises if i came across on the offensive. All knowledge is useful knowledge and its evident you know what your taking about as evident from the plethora of amazing dinos you have garnered :slight_smile:


You didn’t come across offensive.

And well played. “Plethora.” :slight_smile:

I feel like Ian Malcolm left alone in the car after Ellie and Grant jump out. “See? See? No one could have predicted that @Baryonyx106 would use his/her dinobucks like that. See, I’m right again. No one could have predicted that @OstaposaurusBae would speak up. And now here I am sitting in the forum writing posts to myself. That, that’s chaos theory.”

Happy hunting, all.


I think I see your delima now. Is it that you want to know if you should spend dbux on the raffle options, or just save until Monday rolls around and you get the prompt to buy up to the next dino prize wheel?

If so, then here’s some math:

The 200 dbux raffle costs 2000 dinobux to max out the raffle, unless you can get 20 tickets, and in that case it would be doubled to 4000 (it’s been a looooong time since I bought dbux raffle tickets)

And then the 600 dbux raffle costs 6000 dbux, but the same problem as before; I don’t know if it goes up to 20 tickets.

Thus I’d go with the option to save for the buy prompt on Monday. Just because those raffle tickets don’t guarantee you anything of value, whereas the prompt does. Sure, they give you a chance at something, but it would be far more expensive than just buying out with the prompt.

Plus the dbux you spend on those raffles would contribute to your upgrade bar, and then when Monday rolls around and you’ve gotten past gold fidelity, and are prompted to buy the diamond fidelity. it will add onto the cost of dbux needed.

So it’s very expensive if you do the dbux raffle, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Just buy the gold fidelity wheel when prompted on Monday, and wait until you get VIP to start rolling in the tourney and VIP dinos. I hope this helps.


Yes, you’ve described the precise course of action i have opted to take. Wait until the cost, see the price then make a decision :grin: