Advice on my team?


Curious about what you think of my roster and which Dino’s I should be trying to get. Here’s my inventory


Same old questions in order to give the best advice:

In what arena are you fighting and what kind of dinos are you facing frequently?


Of course, sorna marshes, about 3400 trophies. Every since the reset it’s kind of up in the air what I’m against but trigodistis, stegodeus, indominus rex, I’m super close to getting trigodistis, what should I drop from my team? I’m thinking probably Amargacepholus


Yes, of course take out Amargocefalo for the brand new Tragodistis :+1:

Happy for you, I see your Monolofosauro at lev 15, so you wisely saved your Stegoceratopo’s dna for Monostegotopo. I have my Stegoce at lev 19 cause of lack of possibility to catch Monolo. :sweat_smile:

Personally, I will keep levelling Tanicolagreo, maybe switching her for Nodopatosauro as soon as you will have Tragodistis that can compensate the counter attack. But you have a pretty good team. Keep working on it!