Advice on Raja and Anky DNA

Looking for some advice here on how to allocate my Raja and Anky DNA. If I target Anky this weekend, I can have enough DNA to take my Rajanky to level 24.
Is a level 24 Rajanky a better goal than trying to unlock Dioraja? I rarely see Touji so its going to be a few weeks before I can even accomplish that if I go that route.
My next question is, should I save my Anky DNA for Tryko? I literally never see Kentro, and with TRex seeming to be in hibernation (mines only at lvl 15) I doubt I can unlock Tryko even by the time 1.6 rolls out and I suspect a slight nerf coming then anyway.
Last question, if I do go for lvl 24 rajanky or Dioraj, would either earn a spot on my team and who would you remove?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

Very nice team! I am in the same spot: i also never see kentro and touj. I think your stegocera is perfectly disposable and can be replaced

Tryko is a beast if you can level it up. A level 25 tryko levelled my entire team a few days back. Lol

Honestly I dont think Id be able to get Tryko for a few months and thats only if they do another 2 or 3 events with Kentro and Anky. My Ankykentro is at level 16 with zero DNA. TRex is at level 15 with like 20 DNA and I havent seen one since the update. Maybe it’s impatient of me but I kinda want something to improve my team sooner rather than later especially considering who knows what 1.6 will bring. Heck, I might not even be able to unlock Tryko til 1.7. I just don’t see the ingredients. Ever.

I would go with dioraja, even if you have to wait some time to get tuoji. Seems like dioraja is better than rajakylo