Advice please

Hi guys, I just thought I would ask for some advice becuz I’m so tired of the constant losing in the arenas…am I using the right dinos? Any suggestions are welcome… :slight_smile:

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Heres the other part…the bench-warmers

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but dump spino for rat!
However, if you have any sense of dignity then don’t. But isn’t Erlikospx a good replacement? It’s only 2 levels down and unique.
For everyting else: Booosts!
Oh and if you can then level up Utarinex, Maxima or Yoshi, they are insane. Probably Yoshi since you can get it to nearly 23 already.

What’s your current trophy count?


4674 is Trophy count, down from 4824…will try adding Erliko… :slight_smile: I just had boosted her up to 5.5.5. I just created Rinex 2 days ago so her boosting is in progress. Running alittle lil on the boosts atm, waiting to get more

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They’re going to be reset soon anyway :slight_smile: But I wouldn’t boost everything you’re still leveling up, only when it’s actually in your team and there to stay for a while.
Don’t underestimate Proceratomimus, it’s very good.

Your trophy count isn’t so bad though, wouldn’t worry about it.

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K…I just get so frustrated with the arenas though, cuz I dont see my dinos being any less than any other ones…been working hard on the new ones I just created, Tenanto and Erlikospyx and now Rinex, it just seemed like I was going nowhere…I ended up benching Yoshi cuz it kept making me lose all the time…lol. opponents would take it out in 2 moves or less…I didnt think it was wise to keep it on the team…didnt know it was any good

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Maybe it’s not just the team but some tactics too.
Your team has 6/8 of the same dinos as my team (I have dio and rinex instead of spino and erlidom (but keep erlidom!)) and i generally start with something fast that can either do a lot of burst damage and distract, or do a hit&run. Then again, my 4 speeders are tier 7… that helps a lot

That’s a great tactic. .been starting with Erlidom a bit lately, mostly had started with Spinota cuz it could wound

Use Gorgo.


That’s your answer to everything :stuck_out_tongue:


Never thought I would say this, but imo monostego could be the chink in your armor here. Not too sure how effective it is at lvl23 and the boost lvl. Also depends if you face a lot of speed boosted chompers in your battles.

I would replace Spino and Monostego with Maxima and Dioraja if you can boost their hp and attack. They don’t need speed boosts. Swapping in counter attacker can give you some wins.
Erli is one of worse starters. Dio and Tryko eat him easily and flying rats can oneshot it. I’m usually saving Erli to oneshot rats.

I replaced Monostego with Maxima, she is on tier 4 with health, and tier 3 with damage…anyone know what todays boost strike is? Dioraja is a lvl 21 with no boosts…just never really used her before

Attack boost today

I always pray I have Erlidom or Thor when the rat gets used cuz I can usually one shot it with those

So don’t start with those :slight_smile:

K…gonna have to work on Dioraja though, she wouldnt stand a chance at this point

Another tip, maybe it helps.
If you check the top 20 dino’s from gamepress, they would win most in a simple 1 on 1 battle. Which means they are excellent to start with. Other dinos like diloranocheirus are excellent to finish off a dino and then do a stun and rampage and run. That’s why it’s not in the list. (And obvious why rat isn’t either)