Advice, please


I’m getting my butt handed to me… i’m on nublar jungle, 1550 or so medals.

I would love some advice on a better team setup so I don’t lose horribly 80 to 90 percent of the time.

I’ll attach screenshots of my battle team and my unlocked animals.


How an earth have you got only one epic?


Also, important to note, i’m a free player. I currently don’t have the option to sink real money into the game


I’m a free player… and I live in wichita falls Texas. The epics hang out on the freeway… kinda hard to hunt them at 60 miles an hour


Also, I only started playing 3 weeks ago. Lol


Well they’re only level 6 I don’t think that’s that strange :joy: I would try to level up tany, stegosaurus and euo


swap procerato for stego and dilo for dimetrodon


Thanks, I’ll try that


Put Stegosaurus, Dimetrodon and Tanycolagreus in your team. Keep Velociraptor, Gryposuchus and Triceratops. Stop leveling Nundasuchus - use her DNA to create Einiasuchus and level her up. Hunt for Einiosaurus at night to get Einiasuchus.


Actually, forget what I said. Triceratops is amazing but too low level. Try Spinosaurus and Euoplocephalus instead. And you really could use a tyrannosaurid, try hunting for Allosaurus or Tarbosaurus whenever you can.


Thanks everybody… and in advance to everyone else who comments.

My first advice post, and all y’all have impressed me with your kind remarks.

Ive been on similar forums on other games, and most commenters are total nozzles. I think i’m gonna like this place


I’m gonna try your first suggestion… if it doesn’t work, I’ll try your second. Thanks


Good luck! Trust in that stegosaurus, she will get you far :slight_smile:


Steggy and trike were my two favorite dinosaurs as a kid (in the 70s… yes, i’m as old as a fossil)


Then you’ll be glad they are both amazing on their own, and not only that, they also have a hybrid called Stegoceratops who is a real beast in the arena. The moment you get triceratops to level 10, start working on that hybrid and she will basically save your life.


Would only add. Find an area near you where nodosaurs spawn Try to work towards nodopatasaur then stegodeus it’s name basically means steg god(nuff said lol) should serve you well into high arenas I have found its one of the easiest legendaries to gather (as components are actually zone based not completely random see for more info on the zones) and it’s a superior tank to most of the tanks. Work on some speedy Dino’s (they counter the anti tanks that people will use to take down your tanks like trex) I use Utah raptor for this as I like raptors but there a few speedy options to choose from like the entire family of raptors the bird guys etc. Then u just need some decent anti tanks baronyx is a good place to start have seen so many at night since the update. You definitely want a trex just cause they rock!! In general try to get as many epics as possible then once you levelled them up a bit replace them with legendary hybrids. Try not to power up lower rarity Dino’s past their fusion pt and if a lower rarity Dino does not have a hybrid don’t power it up cause the levelling costs get insane really quick. In general 4 strategy tank Dino beats speedy Dino but loses to anti tank. Speed beats anti tank but looses to tank. Anti tank beats tank but loses to speed. This strategy is not exact as some creatures break their typing by countering their own counters (im looking at you stegocerotops lol) learnt allot just by loosing on purpose to get back to bottom arena to farm Rex incubators last update when that was a thing allowed me to just see what moves players and bots use in certain situations so a critical part of winning is knowing what moves your opponent will use example if enemy raptors gets picked it’s first turn is usually pounce or switch to a Dino to counter yours this is unfortunately only learned thru a great many losses but worth doing


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Stego, RareDilo, Amargosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Dimetrodon, Spino, Nodo or Anky, Euo, Tarbo, Kapro or Nunda. Either of them are gonna really aid you big time, especially Tarbo (I used Gory at the time, but Tarbo’s got good reviews). Amargo and Stego are fantastic tanky speed reducers, Euo just ranks everything. Dimetrodon has Immunuty and some defense shattering moves. Kapro and Nunda are good with Ferocious Strike. Spino’s good with Wounding Strike, which causes damage over time.


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