Advice regarding Aquatics and Cenozoics

So now that I know my Jurassic team can finish in Dominator, I’m slowly hatching all my built-up Aquatics and Cenozoics. But I have a few questions.

For Aquatic and Ceno tournaments, do we need creatures of the same ferocity as our Jurassic team to finish in Dominator? If not, what ferocity should we aim for?

Is it more worth it to invest in your Aquatic lineup than your Cenozoic? Because I have way more good unhatched Cenos than Aquatics, even enough to get some to 40.

How common are events that require good Aquatics and Cenos?

For VIP, I think there are now like 3-4 PvE events/week. For aquatic, I think it’s more like 4-5. And obviously for both of those PvEs, they are based on the ferocity of your top creatures in their respective areas. As far as tournaments for either, they don’t come up terribly often. But, I feel like they do not need to be as strong as Jurassic lineup to finish in dominator when those tournaments do happen. Though, mine are still about there just because I enjoyed seeing the more evolved versions. So VIP level 30s are my top ones along with level 40 tournaments.

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There was recently an Aquatic tournament,and Aquatics will help you avoid wasting Jurassics on Cooldowns,so go ahead! I would personally deepen my line up further before aiming at aquatics,but it is up to you.

I predicted that this will be your post,as among the first posts of yours in the JWTG Forum,you had asked this same question.

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For Aquatic and Cenozoic tournaments, traditionally your lineups don’t have to be as robust.

Level 20 tournament and level 10 VIP and level 30 Legendaries can be of great benefit in Aquatic tournaments.

The most recent Aquatic Tournament was the Edestus bracketed tournament in April. The previous Aquatic Tournament was the
Plotosaurus VIP Tournament in September.

The previous Cenozoic tournaments (Gillicus in April 2019 and Tupuxuara in May 2019) required lineups on par with a Jurassic tournament, but did not require near the number of trophies a Jurassic one does. During those tournaments, I fielded six teams that I thought had a reasonable chance of winning. I probably averaged 3 wins per run with two runs/day and easily finished at the top of Dominator. We have not had a Cenozoic tournament since the reshuffling in November 2019. This information may or may not be accurate anymore.

Edit: some reading on past Aquatic and Cenozoic tournaments


My level 1 VIPs had a REALLY hard time getting to Pred in the last Aquatic tournament.

I got into Pred at the very end with a little luck.

The trophy numbers were the same as Jurassic tournaments, but every match yielded 40 points.

I’m told all of the battles are about the same and Dominator like, but I never got anywhere near that far.

I haven’t played a Ceno tournament yet, but I can tell you that Ceno dinos overall feel weaker than Aquatic. Aquatic do cost more DNA. I’m just building up my Ceno line up now.

I’m targeting a 3000F for both with enough dinos for about 100 battles in 3 days. Aquatic isn’t quite there yet, but close. 3000F was when I could finish in Dom in Jurassic (albeit with a lot of work).


Thanks for the input everyone. Since I have more Cenos, I think I’ll focus on them first. Might as well guarantee a Dominator finish in one than leave the job half-done in both.
I’m pretty keen on getting the aquatic and Ceno hybrids too, they look pretty neat.

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Plus you can use Cenos in the Cenezoic vs Land arena,which has more prize brackets than Aquatic does.


I’m using coins-Ceno and coins->Aquatic to fill in for the large amounts of DNA required. And it gets me dinos I don’t have unlocked, as I have a lot of holes in both.

I’m getting a lot more Ceno Tournaments, which is plugging up my hatchery (7 day hatch time vs 4 day Aquatic Legendary hatch time).

I decided Aquatic because I had more Aquatic VIPs at the time.

But knowing the hatch time part now, I really would have went Aquatic first.

Also, check if you have the correct unlocks for super hybrids. L20 SR Hybrids can be very quick to hatch and very helpful in Dom.

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This is true at face value, but if you have enough dinos to safely make it into Dom, you won’t need to cross fill in dinos like that.

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So Cenos of the same rarity take longer to hatch than Aquatics?
As for the unlocks, is there any way to tell what you have unlocked without hatching the ones you have?

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In your market, set the filter to Locked

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Thanks a bunch!

Turns out I have the unlocks required to create the aquatic SR hybrids, so I think I’ll go with Aquatics then.



It is actually the other way around, of the same rarity, Aquatics take longer to hatch.

Ceno are less DNA, but coins->Ceno trades produce Tournament level Cenos. Coins->Aquatic trades (for me) only produced the lower DNA costing Legendary ones. Food->Aquatics produced higher legendary, maybe 1 Tournament and some hybrids. I didn’t always have food maxed out, so I did a LOT more coins->Dino trades as I typically would have that maxed out in planning for my custom trade. I only do food->Dino when I have max food to increase chances for a hybrid.

I believe hatch time is loosely related to rarity and DNA cost.

What I can tell you for sure, is that of the last 6 custom Trades of coins->Ceno, I think the last 4 produced 3 Smilodon and 1 Megatherium. In total I’ve gotten more than 8 Smilodon (I’ve traded some as I couldn’t hatch them all) and 3 Megatherium (I hatched all 3) in custom trades of coins->Ceno.

This is in the past couple of weeks.

It has given me time to try out coins->decorations and other trades as my hatchery has been bursting at the seems.

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