Advice thread

Thanks for the responses
I once collected them but I couldn’t remember


I am thinking what I should do after I level up some favorite tournament

dinosaur such as Pteranodon gen 2 to level 40. My idea is increasing

amphibian on top1-20 line up so anyone has any idea for me ???

The downside to this is that you can also get two Coin offers as well…

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So it has been a while since i put my team down again. I think it has improved, but i still very much refrain from having a well deepened team. Im a collecter, not a fighter. But i would like some suggestions and some advice to help make this a little bit more deepened, not too much. Also the lvl 30 lengendaries and level 40 velociraptor is a big oopsie on my part, do not worry much about it, i am currently in the works of filling that gap.

Also the line up goes from bottom to top with the images, the bottom image is the top creatures, the middle is the mid creatures, and the top is the last creatures of the top lineup

I’m considering starting feeding my close to top jurassic lineup a little, so it’s more balanced with my top creatures, but it scares me! I have been living with diplosuchus lvl 10, dimetrocarnus lvl 3 and tape/mono/spinotasuchus lvl 1 for so long, that I fear I will not like the game any more if I get longer cool down times. I have fused most of my diplosuchuses to lvl 11 and hatched more, so I will have close to full paddock of all the dinosaurs that I mentioned above. And I’m in the process of fusing 12 ostaposauruses to 6 lvl 11. I guess I will feed my creatures just a level per week to get used to it… But this leveling up thing worries me!

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Yes, that sounds like a great idea. I would start with your super hybrids since they have short cooldowns. Try to max those paddocks first. Also, they don’t cost you any DNA. The more dinos you have leveled with your top dinos, the easier all your battles will become.

Mainly these 4, but if you have Gigakylocephalus SDNA, then you could do him instead of Monostegatops or both.


I have 11 or 12 of low level dimetrocarnus, spinotasuchus, tape and mono and working on full paddock of lvl 11 diplosuchus. I have the S-DNA ready for that and also more for diplosuchus should I fuse further later. Not sure where to focus my S-DNA after that. Currently collecting velociraptor S-DNA (21135 . I’m far from indo-level, but it doesn’t hurt to prepare…) and dimetrodon S-DNA (I read people are using it to sell dimetrocarnus to get DNA, but didn’t do it myself yet). Didn’t bother with ankylosaurus S-DNA. Is it worth it? Or should I focus more on S-DNA for tape and mono for when it’s time to fuse for lvl 11 (which looks far in the future since they are lvl 1 now)?

And then it’s also the question about which tournament hybrids are most important to focus on?

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This is my own opinion, but i would focus on having enough Tapejalocephalus and Monostegatops SDNA to make sure you’re ready to go to level 11-20. You’re probably not as far from indo level as you think. I just keep my indos at level 1 and don’t have any Tapejalocephalus, Monostegatops, or Dimetrocarnus over level 20.

It seems it’s kind of a sweet spot because I can use level 20 Dimetrocarnus for FMF strategy in tournaments, but my dinos don’t have over a one day cool down.

For Carnivores, I use quite a mix since there’s so many. I use Dimetrocarnus unless it’s late Thursday because i want to save them for the tournament (level 20 still has less than 12 hour cool down though) . I’ll use my VIPs and indos when needed.

For amphibians, I would work on Gorgosuchus and the new amphibian as well. I have seven level 20 Gorgosuchus and 2 (soon to be 3) level 18 Bagehesaurus. Having a lot of Prestosuchus helps as well, lol. Ostaposaurus is very helpful too, especially if you don’t have level 30 Prestosuchus.

I have 6 level 20 Zalmonodons and 5 level 20 Pteraquetzals, but honestly they rarely get used. Maybe once in a while for legendary only events, but Tapejalocephalus does most of my work. So a couple of each would probably be good enough.
Metriaphodon is a must.

For herbivores, Segnosuchus helps a lot. Need a few Apatosaurus for those meat shield moments.
I use Armormata a fair amount of time, but probably mostly for legendary only events. Monostegatops gets most of the duties.


Are the level 20 Gorgosuchus above or below the indo level 1? I am just wondering how far I can level mine up whilst keeping my indo raptors as top dogs.
Segnosuchus at 20 is above indo lvl1 right?

Thank you very much, @Bandeezee. Many good advices there. :slightly_smiling_face: I hope gorgosaurus unlock comes around soon. I have some ideas where to focus next.

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Gorgosuchus level 20 is well below indo. I have 20 DIFFERENT dinos between them (with multiple of each of those dinos increasing that amount). He’s even below level 20 Monostegatops and level 20 Tapejalocephalus.


Food starts to become an issue, probably not for the 11-20 range but once you start looking at 21+ your food bank will become hard to keep up.


Yes, level 20 Segnosuchus is above level 1 indo. Level 19 is below and it’s just below a level 1 indo gen 2.

In this screenshot you can see level 15 Metriaphodon above indo gen 2 and in the screenshot in my above post you can see level 15 Metriaphodon below my indo gen 1. That shows you how close those dinos are.

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Thank you.
Ten Gorgosuchuses.

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With an ongoing VIP tournament and stygimoloch in the 50k pack (which is the creature that seems the most unachievable in this game), is this the moment to use the one week free trial for VIP? If the offer pops up…

You can hatch those indos, thats enough S-DNA for 10 of them. Once You get indo everything gets easier, You can use indos against any team. Push all Vips to LvL 40, get Diplosuchus to lvl 40, tape and mono to lvl 30~40, leave some superhybrids low lvl for tourneys.
Work on Ostapos if You don’t have gorgo. Focus on these hybrids:
Armormata, segnosuchus, metriaphodon, Ostapo.

Thats My advice


Thank you for the advice, @Diegote. I will start increasing my ferocity, but I will take it slow. I’m worrying about cool down times. I really enjoy my lineup as it it now with kinda short cool down times, and I fear it will affect how much I enjoy the game if CD is getting too long. I’m planning to feed my creatures a little every week to adjust myself to increased CD, while working on side projects.


Indo lvl10 has 24hs cooldown, You can use them everyday. (Don’t know lvl 1 maybe 16hs cooldown).
10 LvL1 indos it’s a pretty good start. You Will love them :smiley:

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That’s really useful, thanks @Bandeezee. I am filling in a lot at the top before considering Indoraptors yet, and trying to work out which hybrids I still need. I have Metriaphodon and Segnosuchus and a good no. of Ostaposaurus, and I am close to getting Dracoceratops as I had the components for him and not for Armormata (until last week). I was thinking Zalmonodon next, as I do sometimes struggle for tanky Pterosaurs in Legendary-only events. And then I do need to work on Gorgosuchus, I have the components but at present I am fine with a mix of Diplosuchus and Osta. Going up though I am going to need Gorgo and the new amphi.

So that lot’s going to take me about a year, given my hatching rate … Indoraptors here I come in 2023…