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I’m waiting for you, @Icthyornis. I’m not in a hurry. You are further ahead than me. Please keep us updated. :wink:


I’m struggling on what to do here. I have quite a bit of DNA and I can either get 2x indom G2 to get a lvl 21 or 1x cerazinosaurus to get a lvl 11 or I could ignore all that and save.
What should I do?

  • Indom G2
  • Cerazinosaurus
  • Save DNA

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Here’s how much DNA I have right now

If You don’t have indoraptor g2 go for indominus so You can get indo g2 in the future

I don’t have any Indoraptor

I’m curious… How many indoraptors do you have of each type? And at which level?

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Lvl10 indoraptors are the ones I use Daily for most of the battles.


What is this! Even with disadvantage it can one shot my strongest carnivore(s)! This is the FIRST battle for “size doesn’t matter” (well, clearly it does)

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What you do is, pick a first creature to sacrifice. Save an action point. He will attack with 2, so you will be one up.
Defend two save one with your 2nd creature, then next round save all four.

Pick your highest attack carni for the final slot, attack with all 8. Sometimes he will defend with 1 point, as long as you can win with 7 you are safe.

Same principle applies to all the other fights, even the ones where you don’t have advantage.


Thank you so much! It worked perfectly! Twice!


Nice job. Next time you can use level 1 commons for the first two spots.


Should I go for koolasauras level 20, now the top of my lineup is 5 tapes level 1 so im not sure what level to leave koola at

Hey there, this is my first time here. So I have just got my segnosuchus to lvl 11 and I am not able to decide if I want to make it a lvl 20 (afraid of it affecting my line up balance). Main reason I wanted to upgrade it was to get it to have health more than that of segnosaurus
Here is my line up. Any and all advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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You can go to level 19 and it will still sit lower than your level 1 indos. Level 1 indo is the top of my lineup as well. They’re fairly close to each other, but you can see I was still able to squeeze some dinos between them.

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Oh great… Also wanted to know the same thing with pteraquetzal lvl 20. That thing is a disappointment at lvl 10 :smiling_face_with_tear: but at lvl 20 it easily has the most health of any creature in my line up.


Pteraquetzal level 20 sits much lower, but yes, a lot of health.

It sits right between level 20 Gorgosuchus and level 20 Dimetrocarnus.


Thanks a lot :wink:

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Fused two proceratosaurs for a level 20 because I didn’t know better. Now I have this glaring gap upfront.
Should I sell the proceratosaur for 10k dna or try to fill the gap?
Any advice is welcome.

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Translated From Vietnamese

it seems a bit stupid but can i ask for 10,000JW or 35,000JW

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seems a bit stupid but should I buy the 10,000JW or 35,000JW package?