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Advice to re-work my team

Hi guys, I’ve been planning to make some changes in my team since 2.0 happened and I’m happy I waited until the new update/ boost shuffle event!

This is my current team and candidates to level up / exchange:

I thought about levelling up Phorasaura but I am not sure if it’s worth it after the new update. Also, thought about levelling up Thylacotator and Mammolania but I don’t know who they should replace in my team. I also need to get a crazy amount of coins so this is all a work in progress.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

I’d suggested mammolania like you were thinking, I also think you should consider diorajasaurus. Although diorajasaurus wasn’t buffed it’s still an awesome hybrid to use.

Thanks! Which one of the current team would you swap for Mammolania or Diorajasaur?


I meant which current creature in my team would you replace

Sorry Misunderstood, I’d say Erlidominus simply because of the loss of 100% Decel immunity. Hope that helps! :grinning:

I’d say drop Thor, erlidom has a great niche as a revenge killer and Thor wasn’t that great even with DSR. Boost spread is important in deciding tho

Actual I agree with you. If erlidominus was removed you would only have 1 cunning creature.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t have enough damage mitigation. You’d get steamrolled hby the first chomper you hit.

Ideally in this meta I’d say 2 cunnings, 3 results, 2 fierce, and wildcard would make good synergy. 2-3 should have SIA’s

What do you guys think about swapping Erlidominus for Erlikospyx?

Don’t. Erlikospyx is good, but Erlidominus fares much better against the Resilients in my experience, and it’s Revenge Cloak gives it one of the highest damage outputs in the game.

I’ve got a monomimus that’s gonna be nerfed. Same with a pterovexus. I kinda wanna keep vexus because bleeding, but monomimus? That thing might have to go… it’s time has come, and it was fun using it again, but all good things come to an end, I was thinking grypolyth would be a nice replacement. Thoughts?

Yeah it’d be a significant improvement over Mono :rofl: