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Advice with Cenozoic upgrades?

Hi all,
I’ve gotten into a comfortable position with my jurassics and I was able to get into Dominator in this past aquatic tournament. I know it was bracketed, so I probably still have some work to do there, but I’m happy with its foundation. Where I think I need a ton of help is what goals to have with my Cenozoic lineup. The legendary ones look too weak except as meat shields (marsupial lion being the exception as a true snow glass cannon).

I have been hatching Titanoboas since I unlocked him, so I have a level 20 and two level 10s. I have a ton of savanna VIPs, but they’re all glass cannons. Below is two rows of each of my Cenozoic types. I’m asking for advice on what I should be trying to hatch next? Should I make any hybrids? Keep in mind, the only tournament cenos I have unlocked are the ones from the battle stages and Titanoboa. Any help is much appreciated.

These are the only Cenozoic tournaments I currently have in my market.

First, hatch all of the ones in your market, starting with Gastornis and the rest in pairs so you can have L20s (pairs don’t have to be at the same time… just plan it that way on your end).

You’ll likely need teams of 3000F or better. L20 tournaments will struggle.

You’ll likely need 30-40 wins from your top teams. Plan accordingly with your expected teams cool downs for how many you’ll need.


You have plenty of brontos which is amazing! Like @Timmah said hatch the tourneys you have in the market, then first aim for lvl 20 tourneys. If you have enough time before the next ceno tournament then evolve them to lvl 30, that’s when they will come really useful. Start evolving your vips too (just till lvl11 you will have time to increase their ferocity further). Lvl 20 vips paired with lvl 30 tourneys should win around 80-90% of the matches in a cenozoic tournament. This is what I would be aiming for.
The Eucladoceros unlock should come handy for you too and try to do coin to ceno trades, which may reward you with smilodons.
I would also work on the meatshield front (currently I’m using caves for that).


Thank you both, I’ll hatch my cenos after my last 3 Parasaurolophos gen 2s hatch next week. I have been using all 3 custom trades each day for coins to ceno for the past several days. I’ve only scored 1 tournament for these 12-15 trades. I’ll keep doing it though. I’ll just keep buying Titanoboas if I don’t have enough Ceno tournament guys to fill my incubators by Thursday discount. Once I finish CoT next week, I’ll start buying Eucladoceros too.

So I should focus on tournaments only (and whatever VIPs I get) and not hatch any of the legendary below for meat shields or glad cannons?

This is totally based on what line up your want to field.

I typically try to plan them out ahead of time and than hatch them. I also tend to like multiples of the same line up.

With coins->Ceno I hatch everything and make the best I can with what I have when the time comes.

Spend DNA to fill in holes.

I have a clear market and I only spend DNA on jurassic tournament hybrids right now.

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I’m not completely sure what my lineups will look like because like you said it depends what I get from the coin trades. I think I can use the following legendaries as meat shields or glass cannons though. I might change my mind later since they don’t really help me with anything in the future, but we’ll see.

My idea right now is to set them up like I planned my aquatics.
Snow meat shield
Savanah glass cannon (Bronto)
Cavern balanced (Titanoboa)

I don’t really see a snow i can use as a meat shield though unless I get Eucladoceros up to level 30 and I would need several copies (seems like a lot of hatching time).

I can try
Cavern meat shield (Glyptodon)
Snow glass cannon (marsupial lion or snow VIP)
Savanna balanced (might have to use Bronto here)

Other option is
Savanah meat shield (uintatherium or make entelorhacos hybrid)
Cavern glass cannon (Andrewsarchus or make level 21+ megistocurus hybrid)
Snow balanced (I think Eucladoceros fits here)