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Advise against spending resources on 4+ star dragons!


So I am level 21 and have a couple four star dragons at level 2 and just reached their max level for the next gold star. Now seeing that you need a duplicate to get to level 3 and the extremely rare chance of breeding/picking a 4 star dragon let alone the ones I actually need seems highly unlikely to get any dragons beyond 3 gold stars without some serious cash investment…?

Advice, stick to 3 star dragons and keep the 4s for when you upgrade the hatchery fully or when you are lucky enough to get two!

Now back to levelling up some 3 star hybrids from scratch :confused:

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Yeah. This seems like a very difficult wall to scale unless they add some content that would make it easier


You don’t need a duplicate dragon to get to 3 gold stars on 4* or 5* dragons. You just need the scales and coins to unlock it once it is maxed.


Take a look at my 5*, for example.


4* dragons need a duplicate for training on the third star. Here’s the proof:


Yikes. That’s no good.


4* dragon need dupe to make it 3*.
5* dragon need dupe to make it 4*.
Both need 2 dupe to max it.


3* also need dupe for final star

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How is this going to work with Me and the Light Fury in game events?


I disagree I have 1,4 star dragon max level with the pairs of the same breed of dragon 3 star and all I did was breed them together continually until I got the 4 star dragon. Took ruffle 15/20 breads to get the 4 star but worth it with the stats.
I’m working on my second 4 star dragon and have got the 3 star equivalent breading for a second and third 4 star dragon.
The grind is enjoyable to me and I feel like the hard work I put in gets rewarded, still haven’t put any money into the game.