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Advise on team


Hi all,
I have been hovering around 33xx to 34xx for almost a week. And just wondering if there’s anything wrong with my team. I can lose 5 or 6 in a row, and just keep missing the 3500 mark. Any advice is appreciated!


Perhaps swap out Velociraptor for Nodopatosaurus. Raptors aren’t as useful in the arenas anymore, excluding upper tiers, since they can easily be countered. Are you close to creating the Indominus?


Thanks for the advice! No, I just gotten my level 15 T-Rex, so i am not even close to getting my Indo Rex unfortunately…I will switch out the V-raptor and see how things goes!


No problem, you have a pretty good line up. Im using three of those dinos on my team at the moment. The nodo should definitely help you get to that 3500 mark.


Thanks @Calebrys! just tried 2 battles, 1W 1L, but i blame the loss on my own poor strategy…


You have gorgosuchas… so get rid of postmetridon…


I find Postmetridon can be super useful against dines which stun and slows you down. I actually find it quite useful honestly.


Postimitrodon is actually not comparable with Gorgosuchus i think.
Postro can take stuns, slows and is faster. It is winnin a lot for me even if only lvl 15. Gorgo being slower but also winnin a lot for me. If it crits it hits like a truck!

Amargo lvl 15 is pretty strong too i think? maybe better until suchatator hits 15 at least? It has nice skill set but i feel it still has a hard time if not up to level.


Thanks @Grenix! I wish i have enough DNA to lvl up suchatator to 15, am patiently trying to get more DNAs…