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Advise on what to do next


I thought about asking more experienced players about what to get or evolve next. I know that you can play the game however you want, but a few sugestions can’t hurt. Here’s my current line up:

This current line up allows me to do all events without speeding any cooldowns.


I would suggest working to your first legendary hybrids


I tought about that. I may go for Ostaposaurus or Priotrodon. Actually i can get a Koolasaurus right now, i just haven’t done it cause i find lvl 40 Sarco so much cooler appearence-wise.


I’d build up a few level 40 legendary pterosaurs. A couple pteranodons or dimorphodons come in very useful. Carnoraptor to 30 puts it just above T-Rex.

You have a pretty good stable. I’d suggest building it a bit deeper in terms of level 30 legendary critters so you can have a level 40 army. That way you don’t loose to many to hybridization when you get there.


Balance, all I can say is balance. Make sure you are not letting any one creature get to far out ahead of your other creatures, also better to have a deeper bench of creatures of all classes then to focus on one or two classes.

If you let one or two creatures get to far out in front you will start a PvE nightmare that is hard to wake up from.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I have enough S-DNA for Diplosuchus. Would that be worth it?


One thing I have done that has kept me out of too much trouble is to not hybridize a creature unless you have two of them at level 40. Another strategy is to strategically work your way up your roster, based on either DNA cost or ferocity. I’ve tried to follow those principles and have been pretty successful this far.

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@Andy_wan_kenobi, I do the same, must have two of each level 40 before it gets hybridized.

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I’d say yes. Even at level 10, the diplosuchus is a decent amphib, which is the class you seem a tad weak in right now. T-Rex at 40 is mighty decent, just don’t rush to get Indominus until the rest of your Jurassic lineup (herbs, amphibs and pteros) are close to par. Stegoceratops, then monostegotops, worth it on herb side.


Thanks for the advice. I will get the the Diplosuchus. And because T.rex is my favourite dinosaur ever and i certainly will not survive losing him, i don’t plan on getting Indominus until i have a second lvl 40 Rex.


That’s awesome. Passing on what I learnt from my own mistakes. Another member here shared that he doesn’t hybrid up until he has two 40s. Depending on how future tournaments are delimited by category, that’s a strategy worth considering.

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