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Aerials wants you 5000bp

Hi mates.

I created a New clan today named “Aerials” and i’m looking for members and futures friends to invite in.

I’m very active on the game and some friends will join soon. My team is around 7500atm and I want 5k+ to reach 10* alphas as fast as possible.

I’m hoping to offer you the best experience as possible, with a good leadership and activity. The clan is private to exit hackers and i’ll probably create a discord next to communicate about the game and the clan and propose some others challenges like alpha leaderboards.

Hope to seduce you to join me in this new adventure.


Join: Akatsuki ninjas

Clan was started about 10 days ago and they’re already facing 8*. It’s a 4 clan family and you’ll be able to get higher rewards almost immediately.

Thank you but for the moment we gonna try to create ours one.

Actually 8 players in, still looking for more people :blush: