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AFK darting

Here is a scenario play for you all. Say you set and mistakenly forget that you opened a scent for a long time. What if you can have the game dart for you while you are away from the game. Say you set a Giga scent and have other things that need to be done in real life, if you are able to afk dart the whole time you would be guaranteed a high score each time. It really sounds like a great idea and would help with alliance and daily missions for directs as well as darting in general.

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lmao absolutely not. Darting is one of the few things in the game that requires skill.


It was a thought that I had for some time now. Lol

Well computer can accurately dart the whole time. Lol

And that’s why it’s a no from me. Otherwise you might as well open all scents and let the game do the work. You’re just looking for easy mode.


i’d say no to a perfect score for AFK darting. but i don’t mind the idea for when we are AFK on giga scents. maybe half of a perfect score or something along the lines of “I’ll take it, but i could do better if i darted myself” kind of gain.

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Sounds like botting to me, probably better to just not pop a scent unless you know you will be able to take advantage of it :man_shrugging:


I would say that it gets you 60% of max so it’s balanced or even 50% if it’s totally afk


sorry for the offensive post @Isabelle …but this kind of suggestion just triggered me…:slight_smile:
let me refrase that…

why would you download a game and then ask the devs to implement a function that is playing the game for you??

even 1% of max would be to much for doing nothing

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It was a thought. Yes I have been playing the game since its launch. I was merely thinking about the Giga scent. Who in their right mind could sit still for 3 hours straight while doing nothing but darting? My attention span for the Giga scents lasts about an hour to hour and a half maximum. I cannot sit still for that long without going insane.

Binge-watch Camp Cretaceous with your phone in your hand. When it vibrates, check to see if it’s anything worth darting.
Or place your phone on top of an inverted Tupperware container while doing chores. You’ll hear that vibration.

I sit with my phone next to me while I work, and check it every 2 minutes it vibrates! :smile:


Thing is I have notifications going off for many other things. It would be a false alarm.

i sit for a full 3 hours. but i don’t dart everything. just rares and epics. maybe the newer commons as well.

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Yup, only some times are those newer commons a goal.

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For this to “appropriately” work, here’s your score for each rarity as a level 20:

Commons: 150

Rares: 100

Epics: 50

Problem solved