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Africa & Oceana Discovery Incubator Supply drop battle missing DNA rewards!

I completed the supply drop battle Africa & Oceanas discovery incubator, I did not receive the proper rewards. I was supposed to receive 748 Rare DNA, 3756 Common…instead I received like 11 Epic DNA, tiny bit of rare, little bit of common. It was definitely nowhere near the proper amounts. I did not want or need the epic, I was counting on the rare DNA and never received what I was supposed to get. Ludia please fix this and my rewards on my account!

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Hey Mouse, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to try and sort this out for you.

Please include the approximate date and time of when you opened that Incubator, in your email.


Same thing happens to me. I completed it and I got stuck on this screen:

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I’ve been looking at that picture for awhile, coming back to it periodically, thinking something looked off. Then it hit me! That’s displaying the wrong incubator for the strike tower! That picture definitely shows rewards for a rare incubator, but the tower only gives out a standard one. Here’s what the rewards should actually look like.

If anything, the rewards you got are better, as you’re not guaranteed ANY epic DNA!

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Where can I find my support key?

It should be at the bottom of your loading screen when you launch the game. If you go into your in-game Settings menu by tapping on your player’s level icon, it will be there as well at the bottom.

Yeah totally. The epic DNA I got was was like 13, but it was for a Dino that is not needed or ever used. I am willing to give it back. I am really in need of the ones that are listed, it’s the reason I played it. Just would like the correct DNA is all.

Thankyou Ned, found it :grin:

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What I’m saying is that you DID get the correct DNA. The displayed rewards in your screenshot are actually for the wrong incubator.

I see what you are trying to convey.

The screen shot I took was for the battle I completed. It was for the experienced or advanced battle. (Can’t remember which one) I clicked on it after I completed it & screen shot it bc it didn’t seem right.

I also completed the one you have posted & I received the correct stuff from that one. 2 different battles, same DNA but different amounts awarded based on difficulty.
There was a lot of different strike towers that day & they all had the same title.
I checked on here & there are other players that had errors with their prize contents on the same one as well.

Here is the calendar, all of the different ones have different DNA based on difficulty

Well, if you’re referring to the rare strike tower, that’s definitely very odd. I know I got the right rewards myself. Don’t remember what I got, though. I saw the pool from the incubator and automatically assumed it was for the trial tower. That’s my bad, then! Also, your original post was two days ago, so it would’ve been Monday’s “experienced” strike tower.