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After 1.7... Utarinex or Utahsino?

I would like to get advice whether i should make Utarinex and bring it to level 22 or if it’s better to skip Utarinex for now and put all DNA in Utahsino to bring her to 25. Which one is better?

It seems like utasino is better, but also more vulnerable to nerfs, so I stick with rinex just because of the fear of a nerf on utasino


Utahsino only has speed over Rinex. 1.6 is ded so that doesn’t matter.

Just solo‘d a whole high level team. Just because of a little speed boost. I think uta wouldnt do that


I that should not be a thing. :confused:

Normally i’d put Utasino above Rex for its speed and more variable techs but with the boosts going on, anything can happen.

What’s Utahsino’s stats?

My Rinex.

I get beaten especially by shields. But sure I solo whole teams.

Run neither never found them easy to fit in…

Got to the point now where added one of them would be a problem

I’ve never solo a whole team with rinex, it depends too much on it’s rampage and run.
Utasino can repeat it’s moves with more ease I think

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Whatever man!! Utasino is the bomb yo!

Utasino, now that utarinex is pretty much the same now, and utasino would cost much less to level

Utasino for me. Give her that lil speed boost (and perhaps some attack too) and she’s a beast. She’s even been taking down Thors for me.