After 121 app was uninstalled and unable to be installed again - Android

*Hey @Ned one of our clan members has an issue. He uninstalled JWA due to 121 error and is now unable to install again. Google Play says app can’t be installed. No error code given. He went through all steps of troubleshooting with no success. Other apps install fine for him so we suppose it may be some problem related to Ludia. Can your team have a look into this? His username is DonDietzos, support code not available due to the situation. Thanks a lot. *

That sounds really strange, @MissG. Although I’m not sure why your friend might not be able to download the game, our team would be happy to take a closer look at this to see what the issue might be. Could you ask your friend to email our team here at If they could also grab a screenshot of the message Google Play shows when they try to download the game, it’d be helpful.


Hey @Ned good news the problem is solved meanwhile. Turned out to be a problem with the phone itself not calculating properly the remaining space. Thanks for having replied so quickly.

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Hey MissG, I’m happy to hear that your problem was fixed! :smiley: