After 13 hours of Gorgotrebax raids, I got a well earnt 20 DNA lol

13 hours? Yeah I was attempting to make low level raids, but clearly this is built so you can’t carry people. You can carry a level 15 and 16 in the same raid, but requires serious RNG and Doedicurus needs to go group shields at the start of every round pretty much. However I feel Ludia wanted to punish me for making so many carry strats and just gave me bad RNG for the day. So I decided to suck it up and get higher levels to beat the raid lol. Although there was one level 25 in the raid, so that was funny lol. Also put the description of Gorgotrebax at the end for those people that will not get to see it. :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: Good luck to everyone, this Apex is truly a super beast!


Watching your videos to find a low level strat good try though with bajatondon. Hope you will figure a low level strategy


Closest thing we found that has potential to work is a level 16 bajatonodon, I think the rest are massive Gemini’s or maybe there is 1 small Gemini.

My alliance doesn’t have high level geminis we got ardentis :joy:

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That was epic thing with a Bajatadon, Have slept peacefully last night, beleiving you could make it! Wonderful!!.

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can you do mortem vs trebax :wink:

I have a strat for my Inostherium that we haven’t fully tested yet. Hopefully it’ll work later today.

In case you didn’t see, I tried this with a level 15 inostherium earlier today, got to round 4 and it ended there. Would be cool to see how your inos does in it, but I’ll be intrigued to see what you come up with for your plan. Good luck! It’s a very tough boss, lol.


Yeah, I made sure not to miss your vids this time, that first one went sideways fast lol. Mine is totally different, but 2 of the hybrids should be relatively affordable for non-endgame players. The other two need really high stats, as would be expected. It’s untested past a certain point though, and while I do have a backup strategy, that’s much more expensive for the Inostherium user.

There is some RNG involved, but not a ton, and it depends on what stats you’re working with.

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