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After 15 Months of Working on it

This finally happened today!

No, not the Daily Missions. I finally cleared all the story missions!!


Congratulations, you are way ahead of me.


Are you still stuck on that Stegosaurus one?

No, I moved on. Currently I’m at the mission where you need 70 level 40 creatures (piece of cake), 3mio from buildings (same) and a new Indominus Rex (could take a while). I think its data was released a few weeks ago and it’s a part of mission 50.

As I mentioned before, I’m not very interested in those missions. I take them as they come.


How many are there? This is the one I’m on, and I don’t remember the mission #

Me too I don’t care that much about Story missions and that is the reason why I am way back at them. @Mary_Jo congratulations for completing one of your game goals!


Congrats and welcome to the Mission Completionist Club. :smiley:

I believe that’s a massive milestone towards beating this game… I think at a minimum it’s a combination of completing all the missions, getting all the badges, completing all the battle stages, unlocking and eventually maxing all of the creatures, and of course being at the max level.


There’s a long way ahead of me.


I’ve been working on a new list of all the story missions for my spreadsheet of game info (which is why players keep posting them) and there’s a lot I still have to add, but I do have most of the later missions up to the final ones added. This one is episode 53 Part 2. There’s 8 total in that episode, and then two more full Episodes after that one.

@DantheMan - yeah I really wanted to complete them and had worked so hard on finishing all the original missions… only to have all these new ones dropped just as I was about to complete them. So this is my first time not having to see that element in my Missions list. I expect that I’ll finish the badges eventually by pulling a @Sionsith move and creating a level 40 Indoraptor and then selling it off before letting the Infinity battle roll over.


Well frankly it would be even better if Ludia would fix the game such that creating the top creature in the game doesn’t nerf the daily events so much. Players that have been playing since the game was created have this issue and that speaks to a real problem in the design of it. We should be able to have one without it causing insane match-ups, but currently it’s simply not possible. To criticize me or any players that find the only reasonable way to complete the badge is to do it this way, and not the design of this game is way off target for where the problem lies IMO.


What if I got this badge?

Now I use my Tyrannosaurus Rex and my Velociraptor to fuse an Indominus Rex. Should I lose that badge too? This can’t be serious.


That is why I put in a suggestion of “loan a dino to another park” where you can loan it out and collect maybe 1/4 of the coins a day, but it doesn’t count toward your Ferocity.

You could than build big dinos and loan them all out until you are ready.

I doubt they will do it though.

@Tommi stated: “Now I use my Tyrannosaurus Rex and my Velociraptor to fuse an Indominus Rex. Should I lose that badge too?”

Maybe— it would make sense.

The badge arguably should be for having those creatures in your inventory. If later on you sell or fuse them then it’s totally reasonable that you would lose the badge too until you get the creatures back.

That could make the badges way more important than simply clicking the button just to make them pop.

I see your point but I don’t agree, which seems to be no problem. We do not have to agree on everything.
I simply do not want to check my 152 badges all the time (actually I only have 147) if I make some adjustments to my lineup.


I see your point, I found a way to work within the way the rules are set up for the game (including the way battles are matched up and the way badge completion is done). So I wouldn’t say that I made the badges cheaper in any way, but if Ludia changes the way they calculate the badges I will have to live with that. Until then it is what it is.


Actually it’s not. It’s clear that you think it should be, but in the game WE are playing, it’s just for obtaining them. I doubt Ludia would ever change it, already most players likely will never complete the badges anyway (since sacrificing a bunch of Indoraptors to complete one when it really doesn’t improve the beacon all that much is kind of silly when you think of it).

Sorry, I just don’t agree that that is the point of the badge at all, or it would be designed to work that way. Clearly they don’t care if you KEEP the creature or not, or the badge would require it. Already many players complete badges and then sacrafice those creatures to make hybrids or super hybrids so not sure why you think there’s some special difference just because it’s an Indoraptor. It’s not like it doesn’t still require a lot of work and resources to create one regardless.

Sorry if how I play the game “cheapens” it for you.

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Ludia may have never imagined that someone would sacrifice an Indoraptor just to get the badge.
I had an impression that it’s possible but this thought never occurred to me…and never will.
But isn’t it impressive that some of us find exceptional ways to reach certain goals. This does not make a badge more or less worthless.


Of all my dinos that I merge to make hybrids, super hybrids, etc …, I have two copies of each one so when I merge two species, I always have the original of each one. In other words, I have the hybrid and the two dinos that I used to create it at level 40. And so with everyone.

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