After 2 1/2 months of semi-casual grinding


I finally unlocked her! (And got a pretty cool screenshot of it too!


Congrats :tada:
May it treat you well, and bring many victories.


Thanks! Here’s hoping!


You mean him.


I don’t actually…my 4 year old gets to name all of my dinos, my indoraptor has the nom de plume “Daisy” and SHE likes romantic walks through the mall eating all the people…(her words, not mine, lol) but yours can be a boy if you want…


It’s a male it’s in the lore of the movies.


But…this isn’t the movies. This is a Dino that they created!! It’s a new one!!! Hi daisy!!!


It’s based off the movies. It’s in the same “world” of the movies.


My Indo’s name is Orion. It was almost Artemis, but then the Metallica song was the tie-breaker lol.


Please stop trolling people with your “cannon” argument. Last time I checked its a video game based off a fictional movie based off a fictional book… And just to be clear… We, individuals, collect DNA we than use to create clones therefore we individuals have to power to control their sex. So, if this particular Mr Wu fancies girl Iraptors and boy Trexs than they have “THE POWER” (que he-man theme)


@Ravnsng congrats! Cool screenshot indeed! :heart_eyes:


First of all i’m not trolling, second you said you clone them, there has only been one indoraptor and it was a male, if you clone it you get a male. Thank you for proving my point.


And also just because it’s from fiction it dosen’t mean everything is genderless or is the gender you want it to be.


Maybe it is a Male but chooses to identify as a female.


Why does it even matter to you what they call it? :woman_shrugging:t2:


You are trolling. A 4 year old gets to name a dino Daisy, and you attack the OP regarding the gender of some pixel-related dino that didn’t even live in real life. So yes, you are trolling a 4 year olds fun of naming dinos, in a situation where she would have no idea about the movies, let alone know what “lore” means.

The OP is letting their daughter have fun naming things. Oh my what horror!!!


Congrats !

Just let me know when Daisy is about to do a romantic walk. I don’t want to run into her at the mall or I would bring my own indoraptor too :blush:



remember they have frog DNA or something so they can change gender. the original indoraptor is male. but if they cloned it, the clone could change into a female. and baby indoraptors. or i guess it could stay male and the original change to female.


Actually they MADE them female by tampering with their genes therefore you can also alter their sex however you would like not to mention that cloning does not predict sex. Youre either not very smart or difficult for the sake of being difficult


But you only have one indoraptor so there’s no reason for it to change gender it has nothing to mate with even if it did. Frogs only change gender if the community dosen’t have enough males or females for reproducing, and frogs seperated from communities don’t have a community that needs to breed so they don’t change gender.