After 2 years, coming back to game and fresh account (need guidance)

Hi everyone,

I am excited to login back to forums here after exactly 2 years and as I gave my previous account away, I have to start again.

Currently I have a account which is level 6 and I darted some legendary during events there (currently got just first creation levels of alloraptor and uthasinoraptor).

I really need guidance what I should dart mostly to get started with current game meta and this time no target to reach top rather than just have some fun as free to play player.

Thanks in advance.

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Unless you’re willing to invest a fortune into boosts and exclusives I strongly recommend you do not chase the meta and stay away from pvp as much as possible after you get your incubators. Personally just use the creatures you like while getting advice on which easy raid/tourney dinos to build


That’s a very good point. As I don’t think I can catch players playing for 4-years already.

I am more now like into play free to play and just have some fun. And try to collect as many dinos I can.

“A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.” -WarGames (1983) :laughing:


I would make an account as this player (what was the name?) who had only 4 same dinos in the team. And boost all of them.


Hi, I remember your name/you from long time ago :slight_smile: How are you doing?

And I remember the player who only ever created 4x dinos and he knew those will always be picked-up in the team

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His name was Batman, he won the first ever tournament with his team of 4 dinos.

He literally only created the 4 so always drew that team. Rules to enter the tournaments were changed because of this. It was so entertaining to see his team of commons in the top arena beating teams of uniques!!!


Hi Schtemty :slight_smile: Glad to see familiar names after a very very long time.

Now really need some guidance to get started again in the game.

Hi @NiceGuy, yeah I’ve been around since the beginning!

If I was you I would be looking at creating a team that won’t be hit too hard with meta changes which seem to be happening so often now. So forget about current metas and work on what you want and play how you want to.

Pvp was and always will be something that frustrates as much as it gives pleasure. It makes no difference what team you decide to have as long as you have balance.

Look at what dinos spawn all the time - so don’t go for dinos that are hard to find or locked in events. FTP will struggle if the availability isn’t there other than events and it’s annoying to see the Dino available in store all the time!

Join a good alliance, this is so important as an alliance with dedicated long term players will help you so much. DNA donations, raid help and advice is gonna be vital.

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@Schtemty Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
I wrote word meta but really not after meta dinos as I know I can’t be competitive anymore without spending loads of money.

So target is to have some good hybrids in a team balanced. Which I really don’t have any idea based on current status of the game.

I live in local 1/2 area and mostly see dinos from that local. If that can help you in guiding me better.


Have you joined a good alliance?

Check out GamePress where you’ll find charts that show what dinos spawn in each area. Look at the JWA toolbox app and the Field guide app. Both will help you decide what’s best for you to work on.

Think long term, so don’t waste resources early on. Don’t use boosts until you hit dinos that are worth using them on. I’m lucky as I have so much spare time so I max out coins from stops every day and do every strike tower. That will be impossible until you get better dinos but there will be good advice available from alliance members for each of them every day. I remember the days when players on here helped with good advice for daily strike towers.


I managed to join IBRIS Raptor Squad (as they made exception for a level 6, now level 7 player to join them).

And they have a discord?
On discord you’ll get the help and cash links etc

They use FB messenger. Is there any JWA discord server I can join to get the links and help?

Yes, there is - JWA Discord which is run by Game Press

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Sadly not possible anymore due to new rules if you dont have 8 dinos for a specific format you cant join

Yes we have discord,. ask Tim or Kyle to add you there… :wink:

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I am in already. Thanks for sorting this out. Glad to be part of a very helpful and active alliance

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Appreciate it! Lol

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Years ago I said you were a legend…
Years later you’re part of the legendary folklore :wink:

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