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After a day what’s your team

In my case not much has changed but over this issue best team for my play style and overall personal choice

Reasons why:

Thyla: the bleeder comes back stronger than ever and rightfully so as its one of the few counters to the high tier chompers, tanks, and anti tank tanks. (Ex: tenato, maxima, Gemini, tryko, dioraj, mammolania. ) Its very balanced now yet super versatile.

Tenato: once one of the most overlooked and laughed at dinos, tenato came back with fury. While it did look OP on paper in practice it’s not really that crazy as 4.5 k with no shields or armor doesn’t really hold up for long. Yet she is definitely good enough to earn a spot.

Monolorhino: like a Phoenix…it has risen from the ashes and has been reborn…into a rat…but a balanced one. For one once swapped in it can’t cleanse at all to swap out. Yet with its HP increased to 4.5K and gain 30% armor there is no need to. And while one would wish it’s got a slightly better kit it totally usable right now. Plus I just like its design.

Maxima: it’s just busted and when everyone else is using it you need too to survive.

Spxs: with the absolute butchering of both Dilorach and erlidom it seems a new bird has risen in the ranks. While it did lose lethal woundit got a super buff in health along with two ways to make sure it takes 0 damage plus immune to stuns and DoT spxs is surprisingly good

Tryko: the long called queen of the game has returned to here former glory. While it basically got nerfed overall its kit update makes very good. Plus gain one my fav dinos that I just love. Clearly deserves her spot.

Magna: still bruised by the fall of full immunity magna still is one of the best and like thyla most versatile dinos. Especially with a buff to health it can now take a bit more damage while still packing that same punch

Open slot: this is most open to changes for now its Orion but this is mostly for testing

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Changed Spyx out for fluffy rat so far. People get confused by the fat kapro, then either the rat, tarkus, or both come out of the woodworks.
Erlidom will be replaced by Magna eventually, when I’ll make it. Seems easier to acquire dna for. Has most of Erlidom’s stuff (distraction, immunities to most commonly used stuff in the meta), has a nullify, cannot be slowed, and can break shields.


Lol bit surprised ya have a lvl 26 Geminititan but not a magna unlocked :joy:

And I’m also so close to getting that green rat but my fuses have just been crap.

When I level something, I focus on it. So all of my FIPs go to the components something needs.
I’ve had lots of luck fusing for rat in general, so green rat was easy. Mostly speedsters are what I’m lucky at. Smaxima’s an exception. It just… evolved without me even trying quite often.

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That ultimate rat looks weirder than I thought it would. I thought it would have a big neck with a small body but it has a small body with a ton of fur.

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Lol ya that Karpo speaker for its self.

I didn’t FIP kapro, I darted every Kapro in sight though and asked for donations for the final part of each level.


I meant your hard work

What does FIP. @Detonatress, maybe you could make the kapro family and get spinotasuchus, gorgosuchus, and megalosuchus along with kapro to 30. That would be awesome.

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Feed, interact, play

FIP = feed interact play.
I already have gorgo and megalo but Ludia nerfed Gorgo, and Megalo is still meh. For spinota i’m still holding back, because it requires utahraptor dna and I’m currently using that for Utarinex. But overall almost the entire kapro family got nerfed.

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Had to change ProRat and indo G2 for Tyro and Utasino

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I just took “Yoshi” and put “Phoruss” in his place (oddly enough it is helping a lot!)

I also took “Erlido” to level 22 and “Maxima” to level 24

Edit: On my secondary account, I took Ornitho to level 24. Rex, Blue and Brachi to level 21. I took Pachy and Mira and put on Titanoboa and Sarco (both level 17)

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Lol honestly you should switch Thor for allosino

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For now it’s not being so bad, but if Thor starts bothering me, I’ll take it off lol.

Y’all actually get DNA from that? For me using all the FIPs I can, I get maybe 40 dna from epics through a 3 day period and maybe 150 from rares.

Either way, my team hasn’t changed a ton. Swapped in Monominus (19), Dracorex (18), and Tyrannolopho (20).

Swapped out Dilorano (17), Monostego (18), and Tryostronix (17).

Probably changes that needed to happen eventually, but this update was my opportunity to do it. Played around a bit with Rajakylo (18) but not really a fan.

Current team is now:
Stegodeus (18), Allosino (20), Indorex (20), Monolometro (20), Monomimus (19), Sarcorixis (21), Dracoceratops (18), and Tyrannolopho (20)

We have alliance collabs. Two level 20 sanctuaries by the end of the 2 weeks give off a lot of dna. Now I’m working on getting my Carnotarkus to lvl 27, and I’m getting 23 for food, 14 for interact, and 17 (or around that, I forgot) for playing with a wuerho.

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My team is wrecked.
18/12/0 Dio, 10/10/1 Maximima, 20/10/0 Tryko, and 15/15/0 TenRex.
Thats it.
I pretty much got the raid bug and I’m actually exhausted from today in a good way.
I have seen some REALLY crazy builds and strats.