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After a long hiatus


My god seems like I missed quite a big bit of JWA’s growth. I feel so out of place now :joy:


It won’t be hard to catch up. Power up your DC and you pick up 20-30 trophies above your average rank from folks too stubborn to counter it. Outside of that just level the normal Dinos that are stronger and more important. Nothing is nearly as OP as previous patches as DC makes things hurt on turn 2 that used to possibly run your team out of the arena. Ludia gave a gift to folks that may face stronger dinos. That’s pretty much it.

The meta has never been nearly as balanced as this. You’ll like it if you don’t read this board and become biased.


Gee I really need to take a long hiatus from this game, I just dropped from 3518 to 2233. Anyways welcome back i guess…?


I need to drop ranks. My team is way too low for my current arena. Have fun anyone who encounters me😂

And erm…pardon me, what is a DC???


Dracocera. It has swap in rampage which can minimally help your team depending on how your team is constructed. It works very well against teams that cannot counter it but poorly against teams that are prepared for it.


DC is this little fella right here,


People often refer to it as The Rat.


Oh so that’s what it was. Met it many times already. Seems like a decent one. It is frustrating yes. Think it is counterable but my Dino levels are too low to deal with it. And I can’t make it due to missing out on that generation of dinos. I think I’ll drop down to bronze star level with the newbies :grin: