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After Banned 2 days for no reason!

Hi, Ludia, 2 days after the last update, i got temporary banned for no reason and hen i came back i can’t do PVP battle. and ALWAYS battle with bots, well maybe in 10/15 battles sometimes i always facing 1 battle the real people with RIDICULOUS team in my area,
and my apps always freeze or forced close when i do tap the battle section…

some people on my alliance mentioned the reason i always facing the bots / AI just because ludia thinking im a spoofer or cheater with the game. thats why im being classified as a cheater and cannot gain the trophies

Ludia defines spoofing as cheating, so if thats being done then yes they will blacklist the account. Not saying you are, players have been known to get unjustified bans from time to time, but yeah if you happened to spoof (even ages ago) they wontnlet your account play with legit players.

If this doesnt apply and you have no idea what the ban was for I would definitely contact Ludia and have them look into it so it doesn’t happen again.

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yeah i should definitely contact ludia later today… well on this account, im not cheating anymore, i used to on my first accou, but that was banned more than year ago, and i made a this one and starting from 0 with no cheating…


I have had a player been shadowbanned for questioning Ludia via email. Then they just said he cheated and he should suck it up.

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well maybe he is.