After last update so poor dinosaur


After the big update there are many less Dino’s than before how it come? More than 50% less and that not funny


Not for me. T rexs havnt changed for me so my indom is only 17 but my gorg is 19, stegod 22, stegocera 20 (can make 21 if i want) thanks to the amount of rare spawns now


You might not have a lot of common creatures spawning within your “darting range,” so to speak, but I do think that the migration and subsequent update resulted in a higher spawning frequency for Rare and Epic dinosaurs–particularly hybrids like Einiasaurus, Stegoceratops, and Majundasuchus.

Just because your map appears rather barren of creatures does not mean there aren’t creatures to dart, either. Sometimes you have to vary your route and get close to an area before you’ll get proximity and “in the vicinity” spawns.