After launching the drone it gets disrupted

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Bug Description: after launching the drone it gets disrupted and your change to dart the Dino is gone because it has disappeared.

Area is was found in: the drone screen

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- start a darting drone
Step 2 - this is on Ludia’s: the Dino despawns while the drone screen is already up,
Step 3 - the drone screen is interrupted and the Dino is gone.

How often does it happen: each time a Dino despawns when the drone screen is already up

What type of device are you using: iPad 2018 (since iPhone 6 makes the drone screen crash all the time.)

Anything else? Make the drone screen way more quicker or start being a little more generous towards the players and consider the darting session started as soon as the launch button is clicked.

I’m sorry to hear that happened during your Drone session, @Rexie. Could you try some of the troubleshooting from our FAQ here and see if it helps improve your loading time: