After nerf team

Hi guys Can u Help me with my team? Should i swap Indo/erli/magna for dilo (Ill lvl it up) or erlikospyx??

Personally I think Magna and Erlidom are still just fine in 1.8 (ignoring matchmaking); Utarinex is a beast. Indo is probably the most affected by the changes but I rarely used evade anyway and it still packs a punch with its cleanse and DSR - you really need to try a few replacements if you find any are not working for you; the problem is you need boosts and coins to get the replacements to team level. Maybe try a few friendlies if you can.


I still like my Erlidom. Even with the nerf she still does the damage with that cloaked rampage. Plus, immunity!

I’d keep erli. Even without cloak it can come in handy. I say definitely put dilo in. Mine is speed 155 at tier 6 so it outspeeds a lot of things the same tier and it has 2 rampages that can be pretty brutal (especially if the stun works). Great counter to tryko.

Youre draco is pretty low level although I may be a bit biased because I hate it, but I’d say swap that out for dilo or spyx. Indo could be swapped as well as he isn’t nearly as effective as before.


Definitely bench indo and Draco. Having 3 tanks could be worthwhile. You’ve got 2 in tryko and dio, as running magna erliko erlidom and dilo tends to lend to a frail team. You will also have 3 dinos that can impact run into counterattackers.