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After patch 2.0 will Lord lythronax change?

It just my question because i never beat Lord lythronax

probably not as it is a specifically designed creature to be super tough.


But he has immunity

Okay at the risk of being really ignorant, what is"Lord Lythornax"?

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then the resistances will all change to 100% or pretty dang close. It was originally a April Fools creature.

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Okay maybe 100% resistance to everything

April fool boss

Lord Lythronax was an April Fools Day creature in 2019 i think. (kinda like the Goats) They added him to the last mission of the campaign. Unique rarity, lv 30, fully immune, and insanely boosted with very powerful moves. He has a predictable pattern, so there is a way to bring him down, though it’s very difficult.

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Oh geez, now I remember. Thanks for jarring my 60+ year old brain.

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I’m pretty sure he’ll be changed to reflect the new mechanics.

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True but that’s technically impossible now they said no fully immune


As long as it doesn’t get Rend resistance I think I won’t mind.

Has anyone beaten LL unboosted before?

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Heard of that happening from some other post. Don’t remember which one though.

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Should probably gain Mythical class or something like that. Apex just doesn’t cut it.


Apex seems appropriate though imo. Considering that apex refers to being at the top of the food chain in dino terms.

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And I’d say having 2k base damage and a higher than 40% or “extreme” (as they like to call it) crit chance qualifies.

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I wonder if any of the unlockable Apexes will be able to stand up to Lord Lythronax. I think we may finally have a way to beat LL without boosts.

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Will probably have to wait until 2.1 to find out as only one apex dino is getting introduced with this update.

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Ok who was pass Lord lythronax can send pictures with his ability

I finally beat LL today after the update, using the same Dino’s as the previous few days, only today they were unboosted :unamused: