After subscribing, GPS map location gets worse


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Hi I’m writing in to express my disappointment. After subscribing for VIP, the GPS location becomes so terrible that the map just froze without any pitstops or dinosaurs in sight for very long. By the time I exit and went back to the game, I have missed rare and epic dinosaurs also 6 pitstops which to me is a let down. If this continues and doesn’t improve, I don’t see any point in continuing my subscription. Please take action. Thanks, Krys


Hey KrysWorld88, I’m sorry that you’re experiencing an issue with the GPS, I can understand how frustrating that can be. A reason why this might be happening is that you could be in an area with a bad signal, try turning your location settings off and back on again and see if that helps, also set your GPS to the highest accuracy. It might help if you also take a look at our FAQ troubleshooting here:

If you’re still having an issue, reach out to our support team at with your support key, and they’ll be happy to help you.


I have done as you suggested but the problem persists. I won’t raise this issue if it is indeed service provider problem. This GPS issue doesn’t occur when I play PoGo and I don’t pay for subscription for that game. So you see why I’m disappointed and rethinking to withdraw my subscription?

and many more I can provide you as it happens persistently


I have that to sometimes. Then i dart now and go back to the map its all gone. But for me its enough to just start the app again and they are all back. Dont know IF thats working för you?


I also have been having GPS freezing issues.


I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to help. However, our support team would be happy to try and assist you with this. Reach out to our team at support+forums@ludia with your support key and those screenshots, including any other information you have in your email.