After three months, here I am. Any advice? Praise?

Installed the game in the beginning of September, and now here I am. :slightly_smiling_face: Any suggestions on improvements at this point? I know a lot of people would say I wasted my coins getting Suchotator so high-levelled (for the life of me I cannot understand the hate directed at this titan among Rares), but I really like it, so sue me. lol.


Wow wished my team was as high level as yours, only my Stegod is comparable, lvl25, hanging ard 4200+ trophies. And I started playing when the map was still orange color haha

Great team. What are you working towards for possible replacements/upgrades?

At this point, not really anything specific. At least until I’m able to unlock some more Uniques. Ideally I’d like to get Monostegotops levelled up more, but Monopholosaurus is really hard to come by.

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Gotcha. Seems to me Dilorach would be huge for your general makeup. I feel bad for you with 3 Stego dependent conflicting DNA dinos at once. That’s tough to keep going.

Fantastic team! Congratz on your crazy progress in such a short period. I was wondering, how much have you spend in real money to get a team like that (i’m not taking away all the efforts you put in to grind though. I’m just curious). And that suchotator level!!! Man, that must have taken ages in fusing time! 2 weeks ago i fused for suchotator from lvl 6 to lvl 19 in 1 session: it took ages and so long that i jsut stopped at lvl 19, even though I still have dna to cintinue fusing for a couple of hours :-).

More than I probably should have, especially in gas. lol. But I very rarely buy incubators, usually it’s just hard cash for coins.

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Impressive team - slightly better than mine and I have been playing a lot longer; don’t apologise for Suchotator! Mine is L22 and due to its versatility is on my team ahead of L21 Spinotasuchus which I keep in reserve for strike events needing bleeders. How are you doing on other uniques such as Utarinex and Diloracheirus? The latter is a beast and would be a great addition. Trophy count?

This may sound like Im making a joke but Im not… My suggestion, SLOW DOWN. I promise you rising that fast will burn the game out for you. Look at a few recent post about intentionally dropping because the fun of using all those weaker dinos gets lost


Wow dude, I also started on September and my team ain’t nearly as strong as yours… And I play every day!

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Not a bad point :+1:

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If you have the ingredients, work on two dino’s with immunity, a fast one and a tank.

At this point I’m not able to start making any more uniques, though I’m moderately close to being able to start on Diloracheirus and Diorajasaur. Their Epic ingredients are hard to come by. As for trophies, I just reached 4000 last night, though I probably could easily have reached it much earlier. I just hadn’t been battling for a while in favour of just levelling.

Like what?

Ankylocodon would be a good immune tank… slow but 25% armor, 20% critical chance, slows and has a shield. Doesn’t break through shields though.

I’m iffy with Monolometrodon with no armor and 5% critical chance but has a little more damage than Ankylocodon and breaks through shields.

My wife interchanges and uses both.

Monomimus would be a fast immune dino. Small hit points but has that evasive stance where you cross your fingers and hope not to die.

If your going for uniques, Magnapyritator who is quite fast, armor piercing, 2X damage move, remove positive effects move with 20% critical chance. Of course these fast ones come with less health.

Of these, it’s what you can find the ingredients for.