After tier 6, cut the crap with the PvP AI


As a tier 7 who moved fro. 10 to 45 to 30 to 17 to whatever I am now, when I am playing against humans they use strategy.

After tier six, you just over level them by 5 levels and there isn’t much of a chance. Most of us tier 7 are level 20-22, why do we have to fight red level 28s?

I would rather have a queue with a human than whatever junk pile system you’re using to match us.

If you’re going to use AI after tier 6 and in 7, take the mean of our random four and level the dinosaurs according to us for a fair fight.

Between the AI being 5 levels above on every dino to spoofers, please take the damn money we’ve sent you and focus on protecting the sanctity of the only social aspect. Add a better match algorithm, let us opt out if there are no humans, and give us a way to signal players with a few chat bubbles as suggesested numerous times.

There is no tactics when fighting unique AI dinosaurs 5-7 levels your senior. None. And also, when do you respond to any customer service. Should I send you bank statements if my purchases in game for help or did you all just say, “we made enough on this” like everyone else feared while I defended you.


i agree. they keep hiding my this post so i will just place it here lol

im starting to think that the unfair battle match ups, the increase in critical chance, the hihg level unique dinos, are all part of keep the players from hitting the top arena unless you pay money to get some kick a88e dinos to compete with


ive noticed speed is the most important thing. it helps you attack twice as much as the AI. this is the team I use and I’m #34 (been as high as #20) so it works pretty well.


perhaps when ur have that line up it helps hahaha


Its not just speed; you clearly have a dinosaur advantage as well. Legendaries are so much more versatile over commons. Imo against good AI (definitely arena 7) i still wouldn’t recommend speed entirely; a couple of them have level 22 nodosaurs; if your entire team has speed and squishy stats you’re still doomed. Against players… Thats a different story.

An indominus is also a very easy pick vs AI since you can cloak - possibly dodge an entire level 22+ attack and strike with 2x the force. Almost always guarantees a one-shot.

My common / rare team still struggles due to being not super versatile and also being underleveled as usual. In the end it isn’t impossible; im having very close battles and even win sometimes but it remains very challenging. imo top 200 still isn’t bad for my mediocre team lol. My team clearly wins most of the time if i have my einio and stegocera; mostly dominating the battle and killing up to 2 dinosaurs simply because they are very versatile with numerous skills and plays. Same story for players unless speed dominates and i dont get my counters. Most of the time it isn’t a problem really.

Thats exactly why i like the AI. It offers a challenging battle and we get to see new dinosaurs so we can start thinking of a dino team. I saw a couple of cool dinosaurs, took a screenshot and started planning on how to find / catch them. Really cool!


I’ve been steadily working my way up in the arena with the team shown below, but every night I hit bad losing streaks because the dinos have increased critical hit rates and are much higher-leveled.