After update 2.2 cant collect dinos that jumped out of the sanctuary

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Bug Description:
after the 48 hours in the sanctuary the dinos are removed. usually you find a red tag, click the dino section and collect the “kicked-out” dinos
after update 2.2 you cannot collect them, nothing happens

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- dino is removed from sanctuary
Step 2 - you want to collect them
step 3 - nothing happens

How often does it happen:
every attempt to collect dinos

What type of device are you using:
iphone 6

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Reopen your lab, that worked for me

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here nothing helps. reboot the game, reboot the phone. clicking whatever, opening everything. it still shows the red tag but does not collect the dna
but thanks for your hint.

I hate this. I have it stuck

I had this happen as well. I just went to the map and then back to the dinos tab and then they showed up.

Just got this glitch and my god ._.

I am facing the same problem, and have just sent a note to Ludia Support. Hope they will rectify it quickly.

It happended to me too. It randomly gave me the creature after a while. Tried everything but didn’t work. I couldn’t collect it until it appear by itself. I think this should be forwarded directly to the developers instead of everyone of us sending an email.

My creature is gone and hasn’t came back at all since this morning not placed just now nor did I get it after

I’m having the same problem.

Same with me my Trykosaurus hasn’t come back from the sanctuary and it’s been 3 days.

I also have same problem can’t collect Dino’s after update.

I have had the same problem and nothing works I hope they do a update fixing it because I really want my dracorex back!

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this works only with a higher iphone, eg with the XR, but not with the iphone 6 :roll_eyes:

I just hope they do a follow up, update fixing all of the bugs not just this. Dosent have to be huge just fix it please!

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nothing helped so far. we sent a mail…

Nothing has helped me either. I sent message to support with no response.

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I sent one too

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Hey guys I think I found a way to fix it! now Idk if it will really work and if you had 4 creatures in the sanctuary then I don’t know what to tell you but if you only have 1-3 creatures “trapped” then what I did is placed another creature into a sanctuary and hopefully when it returns so will my other “trapped” creature.

If someone could try it with a sanctuary that’s abut to expire and tell us what happened.