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After update app freezes when running in background

After the update when I leave the game running the background for 10 minutes or more the app freezes. I can’t get the app open again unless I reboot the phone. I doubt it’s a phone issue because this a new problem directly after update.

Hey Procerathomonomimus, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and device information so our team can investigate?


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Will do. Thanks Ned!

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After sending the email I had it happen while in the battle. Restarting the phone it’s still stuck. This definitely needs fixed.

I have been having multiple issues with the game also. I find the only way to resolve them is to uninstall/reinstall the app. Booting the phone does not help.

I am one who never thought that the uninstall/reinstall would be a necessary step. Clearing cache and rebooting the phone should take care of any issues, but does not since the update.

I have opened a ticket and received the canned response to delete and reinstall the app.

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