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After v.1.7: Just an advice from JWA lovers and community for a better game ahead

Dear Ludia,
We thankful for your JWA, truthfully this is the greatest game ever and way more better than Pogo since it was released last year, we really enjoy, love and more like addicted.

But lately after the upgraded to v.1.7 we found so many changes in this fundamental and essentials of this prehistorical creatures.

We all know that velociraptor is the fastest with its tremendous speed & velocity dino ever created on earth that’s why it named velociraptor.

But now with it speeds of 132 now is becoming not the fastest dino anymore since 1.7 messed everything upside down. Even a slowest dino like Trex could become speed of 176 faster than velociraptor.

We could not even enjoy our battle skill like we used to do.

Our advice to you it’s better to separate battle into four:

  1. One battle button for skilled battle with original unboosted dinos.
  2. One battle button for boosted dinos.
  3. One battle button for open skilled tournament.
  4. One battle button for boosted dinos tournament.

Because we all know that unboosted dinos aren’t comparable to boosted ones.
There’s no way to win or raise trophies in any battles without boosts. I hope Ludia could understand this cos we all JWA lovers and parts of your big outstanding communities and wanted this lovely game stay on the right track and never lose its identity and faithful players.

Please reconsider our advice. Thankyou Ludia



Good suggestion and I would like to give a second suggestion.

The lovers of this game we like to go out to hunt and have the possibility of finding interesting dinosaurs in freedom that serve to improve our team. Up to version 1.5 in each version there were new dinosaurs with which to get excited, new hybrids that improved our equipment and, above all, an unwritten rule "any dinosaur can be useful in the future, do not despise the tarbo, the DG2, the anky gene 2, the iguanodon etc because in the future they can be a very precious commodity ". Everything began to break in the 1.6 version in which the two new unique depended on the same epic, also one of the most difficult to find but broke completely in version 1.7 in which all new hybrids are paid hybrids. In the line of the original message, if the goal is to make happy the players who pay more money and who do not want competition from those who pay little and those who pay nothing, you can create new very powerful hybrids of payment for that " elite "and free hybrids and less powerful for the rest. That way, that elite payment will be better but the rest we can get excited again going hunting.

With the initial suggestion, the players could be happy again battling and with this suggestion we could be happy again hunting, the two pillars of this game.



I have cancelled my subscription to jwa.
The game has been ridicilous because of the bad decisions made by the developers to create insane speed boosts on dinos. Too many bugs and glitches too.
But the biggest reason is that the game has become more & more pay to win.
I am a former top 10 - 20 player, but to keep up now, you have to invest in so much hard cash. I’m not willing to do that. Battles are so unbalanced now, you’re either way too overpowered or way underpowered. Nothing in between. I’m missing the good ol’ days where you had tight battles and you had to use tactics. Our alliance TeaRex Hunters have a lot of members that feel the same as I do.
Speed boosts are okay, but why not only 3 steps? And how can a Trex be faster then a velociraptor, that just doens’t make any sense!

Hope Ludia sees their game is broken and I believe its hard to fix.


I have canceled my VIP subscription too, since this 1.7 became not fun anymore and preferably only money oriented, thinking I might stop playing either, too bad all i can say my investment on collected dinos will be abandoned soon.

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I can understand you perfectly. Three of the best players in my alliance stopped playing yesterday, although at the moment they have not deleted the game. One of them after reaching the Top100 for the first time. After that he faced three games followed by Thor and Trykos with a speed higher than 160, that is, superior to any fast dinosaur of his (erli, dilo, indo, …) and, therefore, three defeats 3-0.
I lost yesterday a battle against a Thor with 145 speed, 2379 strength and 6020 health. Defeat 3-0 and without any of my dinos managed to give a single blow to the Thor, not one.
Well, we hope there is some solution to this disaster, although it will not be easy.


I agree. Plus the boosts are imo too large. If the steps would be smaller the need to level up your creatures with coins and dna would still be legit. Because otherwise collecting more specific dna will be pretty much a waste of time. That seriously wrecks the idea of going out to hunt for specific dna and that is what half of the game used to be about right?

Either this (decrease the steps for everyone), or limit boosting to the upper arena where boosts are valuable to level up further.

My two cents

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I’ve rarely had a problem beating booated dinos with my unboosted ones. That said, I hated the arena before, it’s a deeply anxious experience now. Today is the first day I haven’t felt compelled to go hunting for a while. :woman_shrugging:

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My VIP is done tomorrow.
I’m unlikely to renew it.
I cancelled it weeks ago.
Game is pay to play now, very expensive


The boosted Dino’s are only leveled up on by that I mean in the long run you can only boost them so much. Even if you max it out there is still an upper cap.

Yes right now there are monstrous boosted Dino’s. Yes it’s a pain. But it’s not like you can boost to infinity. Attack and HP max out at a 50% boost.

You can’t turn velociraptor into a tank.
You can’t boost the Ankylosaurus kentrosaurus hybrid into a damage dealing machine… I know I tried.

What you can do is tweak thier short comings and make them perform better.

Speed boosts will top out too. All through the game we’ve been dealing with Dino’s that are faster than some of ours…

1.7 brought alot of good


Tweak their shortcomings would be fine. Boosting to +100 speed is a little more than a tweak.

I do agree that even boosts will top out, but that does not change the impact they have currently or for the next year or more.

When users level up a dino there are defined parameters to each. Each level gives a certain added strength to their stats. Boosts multiply those stats, to a huge degree. Two level 20 Dino were battling on a level playing field. Now they are not.

Speed was the advantage many lower power Dino had. They have less HP but gain speed advantage. With boosts, any dino may gain that speed advantage. And yes, they will eventually reach max boost and the meta will settle back in. Until then, it has upset the meta more than can be corrected for.

The only way to remain in the Arena is to boost faster than your opponent. Before, you did not necessarily need to level faster if you were a strategic player. You could level your team to take advantage of strength/weaknesses of different Dino. Players can now manipulate those built in strengths/weaknesses more than can be accommodated by leveling. There really is no more strategic advantage to look for, it is all about who boosted their stats higher.

Look at some of the common counters in the past, they are gone now. Many dino really have no viable counter now because they can gain no advantage without being at max boost.


If we take a year to balance things than maybe dont have these boosts and everything is back to how it should be. Without taking a huge amount of money from players!

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Another way of looking at is there is no constant in the game now. Nothing to judge an opponent by.

Before we had Speed and creature level. They gave a gauge as to how to proceed in Arena. They were constants. Now, they are variables.


I have canceled my VIP subscription.
The boost system is BS…
They just killed the game. LAME.


I agree with this. The steps or increases per boost are entirely too much. And the speed boost totally ruin the game. Now we have to pay to stay ahead. And for what? To battle bots all day. Ppl are losing interest. Soon we will have no battles left. For all the players that grinded to get to the top and now ludia asks them to pay to stay. Just unfair. The daily grind is gone. No need to hunt anymore. Just set the battles on autopilot


@Marcos-jwa I battled 38 Times yesterday according to my Daily battle incubator count. Fought 6 real opponents and you were one of them. I beat you and I can tell you I took no pride in it, my friend. My Tryko just turned L27 this weekend but because of boosts was faster and hit harder than yours. As much work as it is to get that thing from L27 to L30. No way I should be able to wipe out the advantage with 2K cash.

You deserved better, you were always a challenge in the arenas. Savy in battle, but now it is just a nuclear arms race. I fully understand where you are coming from. A lot of us are going to wait and see what Ludia chooses to do. If this is the new way of life, more of us will likely follow in your footsteps.


I agree these boosts are too much. They destroy the fun we used to long in the game . I can understand that Ludia needs to meet their target quarter / annual projected earning and this sales tactics is a sure win but will ultimately destroy the game in the long run.

My suggestion is they have to scale it down. For speed, let’s say +2 only per tier, so that inherently unboosted faster dino will still be faster to boosted inherently slowest dino in the game.

For damage and health boosts, as long as there is balance between them, I think it’s acceptable but a step back will be much better.


And we all know how boring you find bots.

My heart goes out to you in this time of struggle.

They could still make a lot of (maybe even more) money, if they put a nicer/more balanced boost system in place.

This idea is interesting and I suggested another twist to it, making more Dinos (common/rare/epic) potential targets for boosts:


It’s all good. But as of now I just want to extend the life of the game. I can understand how these boosts are good for lower lvl players because it makes lesser used or lesser powerful Dino’s uniques. We just need a balance. The boosts per stage or increase are too drastic. I just don’t know what can change to make them balanced for all

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It’s too late now but they should have made it where +10 speed would be the max. Tryko shouldn’t out speed Erliko with just a few clicks of a button.