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After v.1.7: Just an advice from JWA lovers and community for a better game ahead

Totally agree

If they can change the speed boosts +2 per tier, then that would be better. But honestly we were fine without the boosts!

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The problem of 2 per tie is T-Rex probably can never outspeed fast dinos which is not Ludia wants atm. But again yea, I don’t think the boost system is healthy. The game needs to be a bit more factual that t-Rex isn’t fast compared to raptors.

I thought that Rex wasn’t meant to outspeed fast dino’s but other Rexes.
That’s the only logical explanation of speed boosts. Not to outspeed every other dino in the game.


In their official release note, ludia stated:

Ever wanted your T-Rex to be faster than a Velociraptor?

So this is what ludia thinks is right … but apparently it shouldn’t!


I just had this idea.

Ludia can put all the dinos into five categories: fast dinos, high HP dinos, furious dinos, armor dinos and critical dinos. Different boosts can only be used on certain dinos. For example, you can only boost a fast dino’s speed but not others.

In this case, you will need to have a well balanced team. You should use the high HP dino to counter a fast dino, but you use a furious dino to counter a high HP dino.

Fast dinos should be fast, high HP dinos should have loads of health. That should be the case.


I think they should just limit the maximum boost a dino could use for all of their stats.

That means, for example, a dino can only level up 10 times in total for all of their stats. You can boost 10 times all in speed, or 3X health, 4X attack, and 3X speed. But the total amount of level boosted cannot exceed 10.

Furthermore, I suggest they give every dino an opportunity of different modifications, meaning you can have different boosts set-up on the same dino to suit different team and style. For example, in Set-up A, I put all 10 boosts in attack for my T-Rex making it the ultimate destroy machine, but it needs teammates help to overcome its weakness in speed. But in set-up B, I put all boosts in his speed so that they rivals other fast dino while sacrificing the possibility of having higher damage. In set-up C, I could make him more tanky etc.

Since boost are permanent and it’s unlikely that they will revert that, this allows players to fine tune every dino and fit them in different teams and brew variety.

But all in all, I think maximum 100 speed boost is still too much. They should calculate a fine point so that things are less chaotic.

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I understand everyone’s issue with the current meta and boosted dinosaurs. I want to point out, though, that end game is still the same. You can only get 10 boosts per attribute, and all dinos can get them. The 8 dinos that you have on your team now will get boosted to 10, and will be playing against the same (about) 8 dinos you would have battled in the old meta but also boosted to 10.

Getting to that point will be awkward like high school was, but really all this boosted dino business is just step-wise leveling of your level 30 dinos. Velociraptor will also be the fastest, the question is whether you want to waste your speed boost on a dino that isn’t meta relevant. Remeber V1.3? Imagine if that veloraptor got all those speed boosts?

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Correct, but the new matchmaking system takes boosts into account and raises the effective level of your team to suitable opponents.

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The boosts are good over all… Because until you get to the very very top it will allow you to fine tune your animals to your play style.

Of course some people will go over board and max and go to the top… But what happens at the very top isn’t of any consern to most of us.

It’s like real life… No body cares if laws affecting millionaires are made except for millionaires and those who think they can be millionaires.

To be at the top you gotta spend scam and claw your way up … And continue doing the same to stay. Just life.

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People y’all are forgetting that speed scales… There is a max boost level. Your fully loaded t rex will not beat a fully loaded velociraptor.

And if your willing to spend thousands of speed boost to do it then it should be that op.

Just like if you spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars running scents opening incubators max leveling Dino’s etc…

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No it doesnt dont, atleast not in a way that actually allows competitive matches…i post a pretty long thread on my thoughts of the current match making system. And with my moderately boosted team the match making system does not account for boosts enough.
Its seems like boosts are the smallest part of the match making equation.

I battled on and off for a good part of yesterday and matchmaking was constantly feeding me oppenents who while slightly higher level then me but were not on the same level as boosts and they were simply over powered as a result. And i was taking 30-40 trophies almost every match despite having a boost advantage.

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The only problem with that is the general point of boosts at all. If you take your Tryko up to max speed to outspeed Erliko, someone could in fact turn around and max Erliko in speed making boosts irrelevant.

Here is a good screenshot of how match making takes boosts into account.

A megla has to be at speed tier 3 to be faster then a base erli… my opponent had one dino that i think had tier 1 boosts.

That’s just the breaks though… Match making will improve. For me I’ve seen the opposite… I got matched against a user that had a heavily modded suchotator level 28 multiple boots on multiple stats.

I beat it … Took me 2 and 1 \2 Dino’s my team is average LVL 21 and less that tier 5 boosts… I won the match because I had one down before he pulled his trump card and his next dino was a basically stock Indo.

If one level boost is equal to one dino level I was still out matched by 6 levels

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Its not just a break if its consistent for a 400 trophy push… boosts are superior to levels in pretty much everyway but the current algorithm doesnt account for that.

Not saying Im really complaining as i like being to win most of my matches. Im just saying matchmaking needs to consider boosts more then levels… cause right now it seems to think my lvl 21 utasino is equal to a 24… but the way the matchup plays out the 24 is often one shotted without dealing any damage.

The reality of it is an equally boosted level 20 utahsino could provide more of a challenge.

When my slowest dino is a 131 rinex pitting me against a team whos fast dino is 131 might as well just hand me the trophies and not waste the other guys time.

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The sad part is, the boost system itself is not broken. How it’s been implemented has made it an arms race.

It would be fine if we were seeing tier 6 dinos with speed or health after a GRIND of collecting tokens. The ramp up mgiht be too fast in the early tiers (as others pointed out - the discrepancy between grinding level 29-30 versus boosting twice for virtually nothing and watching those dinos totally outclass the DNA grind) - but the boost system IN THEORY is a pretty neat system.

But with people buying boosts, with speed bypass being a thing, with daily sales, this isn’t what we wanted.

I still vote for differentiation. I still wish you had a cap. You have 30 “tiers” total between your three statistics. Allow no one to buff more than 15 total “tier up’s” and leave it at that. So if someone really does want an insanely fast dino, they do so at a LOSS of health and damage. They do so WITHOUT being able to maximize all other qualities and it becomes a new kind of raptor.

It’d make it possible to give a dinosaur that you like a niche, and it would increase variation in the arena. There would be debates over how best to boost the tyrants, but there’d be just as many debates about how best to boost the rest. Dinos would find usefulness that never get used.

All this to say, I’ve been more discouraged about the state of this game since the rollout of the boosts and how it was handled than I have since I started playing it. I’ll hold out hope that there’s a rollback, but without one, I fear I too will walk away from this game.

@Marcos-jwa is right. A year of progress feels undermined. I get that this would’ve happened too had you increased the cap to 35 or something. I get that it would’ve been a starting gun and that those with the most time would get there first. But this just doesn’t feel good. Winning doesn’t feel good. Losing doesn’t feel good. Nothing feels level or fair or balanced. This system needed more than anything a slow rollout. What we got is tier 7 dinosaurs in under 2 weeks – 80% of the total upgrade in under 2 weeks. That’s simply painful to say the least.


I agree… im holding out hope still but if this the future of this game… but the vision of boosts you explain in your original article the slow grind that would take forever was the one i was looking forward to not a who can spend the most the fastest… or better yet who can find the sercret boost shop hidden in the ui that upon meeting certain conditions allows purchases not available in the regular shop.


Boost cap per dino and not per stat would have been the perfect way in terms of gameplay to implement them. It would have made the meta various and customizable, something that surely this community would love. Poor choice to implement them like this.

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Easiest solution would be cutting in half all boosts, so 25% is max for health/damage, while 50 is max for speed. It’s not the best option, but at least it would limit all the monstrosities that boosts created.

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