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Again and again... Allosaurus

So, i am writting this as official suggestion. Remarke allosaurus, fix his body, head and claws, he has 3 fingers no two there are pic of allosaurus atrox you shoud know that



I hope this is enoug for you, becouse this is my favorite dino - no just favorite, but top, it was really dissaponintment how he looks in game, when i finally unlock him and my joiness was ruined. His hybrid, Allonogmius looks very accurate to allo if we removed fins.
Also it was best dino in jurassic period and very famous in movies and documents,that whe he deserve accurate model and as says @Predator_X he deserve somethink better than rare, maybe normal legendary as t.rex or tournament legendary with last similar stats like yutyrannus or megalosaurus.


An idea for Ludia to improve this dinos 's stats , is to add a legendary Gen 2 Allosaurus. It is something easy to be implemented. Also , if you don’t know it, at the first year of the game , Stegosaurus and Argentinosaurus appearances were different, and later were replaced by the current ones . I just can’t understand why they can’t do something similar for Allosaurus…

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