Again, broken tourney system

Won against a top 5 player… Got only 20 medals… I was ranked 70… I keep making topics about this every skill tournament and say the same freaking thing and so far I got nothing… It’s not fixed, it’s not explained…

I can’t help but start thinking the tourneys are rigged somehow… It’s easy to stay on top if you win 40 and lose 20 while you’re up there… So again, please fix this BS


Like I said. Trophy gain is reversed from some reason, even in normal arena. Should be maximum (40 trophies) for winning against someone at the top. Instead you get the reverse, 20, minimum trophies one can gain.

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Honestly for lvl 26 tourneys, it should be the SAME amount of cups, because it’s a all lvl 26. If it was a default tourney, then I can understand different amount of cups, but in lvl 26? I don’t get it.


Why dont they just give 40 for a win and 40 for a loss? That way you need to win more than you lose to go up, which makes sense =/

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Ludia always ignores common sense :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
They won’t do it

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I’ve been saying this for a while now. It’s broken in the main arena, too.

I don’t think we can say that about the arena most of the times, cause we can’t see the opponent’s actual trophy count, but in the tournaments it’s crystal clear…

As I’ve said before, no, it shouldn’t.

When they were the same, there were hundreds of people with the same score but got different rewards. I happened to be one of them. Got bumped out of top 500 by some one with the same score as mine because there were 100+ people with the same scores.

That’s because you needed to get there first (allegedly)… if you got “bumped” it was because others were in front of you first. It certainly would be better to have same win/loss amount in skill tourneys… at least better than this BS that happens every week…

By that logic, I was there first. I got bumped by someone that got it after me.

Or you got bumped by someone who was already ahead of you but lost points and ended up with the same as you were… so technically he/she was ahead first… But then again, “allegedly”… I don’t trust any system of theirs at this point…

I highly doubt that.

Still an unfair system.

Same amount of medals won/lost don’t work. Though current system don’t work either. They should lower the difference from 20-40 to 30-40.

Naw. Lv 26 w9th no boosts is fair game. Anyone can win. It’s not easy but it is possible

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If it wasn’t like that it was broken too… If it was like that, then it worked fine, just confusing and harder to plan your strategy since you never knew where you could end up… But not unfair, or at least not nearly as unfair as this system… You didn’t have to keep chasing players while winning just 20 and losing 40 against them, when they’re already 100 points ahead.

I’m not a fan of the old way either, but if we want more difference in scores they could make it through team rarity (in cases like the current tourney that allows three rarities)… Or like Dinotris just said, lower the difference (I would say only 25-30!)… It would still be bs, but at least when this unfairness happened the loss wouldn’t be so big.

I think lowering the difference would be better. Even early on I said it should be like that.

You’d still have the problem with the same scoring and multiple people having it, but I don’t think itd be as many.

With the current system you can have players winning more matches but if they are unlucky and keep getting rewarded 20 and not 40, than you can have someobe with less wins but who gained 40 more often taking lead…so this system bad, as it adds RNG to the mix.

If you got 2 players with the exact same team and with 3 wins each, and you have one player getting 20 per win, for a total of 60 medals after those 3 fights, and the other person getting 40 for each win will end up with 120 medals after 3 fights…this isn’t any better than having multiple ppl with the same score.

Then again they cant even fix 15 month old bugs so, I think coming up with a balanced system is beyond their capabilities honestly.

Just had a sequence of wins against better ranked players… mostly 22, 20, 24
Then lost some against them… -38, -40…
And when I beat one who I believe is behind me… got 40 too

Way to go on that system of yours Ludia! Really well done! :+1:

Sounds like it’s backwards, ahould get more trophies if they are higher.

But sometimes it works how it’s supposed too… I’ve also won 40 against top 10s and lost 40 to some that aren’t on top 100/50 (where I’m usually competing)… So, total chaos