Again, game is UNPLAYABLE!

Hello again,
Just wanted to see if anyone else can’t even play the game anymore. I literally can’t play it at all. And it’s even worse then the other dozens of times. The game won’t even get to the loading screen before it immediately crashes. I can’t even see my support key or server. It just closes immediately before anything pops up. Why does this keep happening!?!?

And for the devs that see this. I already have the email and luckily I still have my key and stuff from the dozens of previous emails I’ve sent to you about very similar problems. And I’ve already sent it again. And yes the game is up to date and I can’t revert my phone’s without it literally crashing my phone where it won’t work until I update it back to where it was.


I am also having the same issue, though it loads the ID for me it crashes almost immediately afterwards. Android on Samsung S10