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Again help needed in selecting my team for arena-8 now


I finally managed to complete Monomimus and he is only level 16, should I put him in team? Also I replaced my Stegoceratops level 20 with level 18 Ankaly as suggested, good decision?

Still I can’t get past 4150 or so. and once reached 4200 but then again back to 4070 or so.

Please guide me again.


who do you feel is your weak link? like when you are left to choose him you are like crap im done…


Good question. I really don’t know real answer. Sometimes I feel this for tragoditis or few times uthahsinoraptor. But loves his priority stun attack.

So where I can fit monomimus or level 16 not worth it?


maybe tryostronix. since it has nullify.


You are right, I feel more like weak link for Tryostinix if other dino is full health tank. As he is just level 17. So I can try Monomimus in his place. Thanks


yw goodluck