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Again in the aviary this monstrosity has arrived

This isn’t even a fair fight, this is a slaughter.


You called?


I don’t have either of those creatures

You need to change that fact to “I do have both of those creatures”.


grypo tho a very effective counter isn’t 100%. you can use trying to run to your advantage and take it down with lux.

to lux may be one of the best 1v1s and beat a lot of stuff, i don’t think it needs a change. (granted i can’t think of a way to make it not kill fierce in 2 turns without changing one of its rampages to a strike.)

Actually grypo does lose if the lux player plays right; dioraj i think is 100% though along with, Mammolania and thats about it; all others are mind games or RNG

Not MY FAT croc :relieved:
He’s a very healthy boi lol

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Must be upper Aviary

My Sacroixis had today 2😁

in the end, the boosts decide…

I aspire to become that monster one day… I got boosts for my new Hadros baby when she comes around.

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Yea thanks for that easy win :slight_smile:

who do u think won these


In estates? I would say you. They will barely have these dinos boosted and you have clear advantages

Heres my own monster in aviary.


Aviary really

my team

yep. because i had nothing boosted before Lux and took a long battle break. i’ll be at the upper end soon enough that you may not even face me. i tend to face lv 27+ creatures.
rest of my team. nothing else is boosted.